Have you been born healthy after thrombosis?

Have you been born healthy after thrombosis?

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The answer is: yes!

Have you been born healthy after thrombosis?

Pregnant women following thrombosis are also very anxious about conceiving babies, especially if they are taking well-known medication because of their increased risk of blood clotting. It is safe to recommend thrombophilia for women to have a family if special pregnancy care they do, ”he explained Gyula Blaskou Professor of Hemostasis, responding to the most commonly expressed concerns about visiting the Thrombosis Center.Also, hormonal contraception is all a serious risk for women who are prone to thrombosis. Few thrombosis, or fatal pulmonary embolism, have been reported for about three months. Acute stage may for years help to prescribe herbal remedies to avoid recurrence.
The most frequently given active ingredient, a coumarin However, it and its descendants are incompatible with pregnancy, as they severely compromise the development of the bone in the unborn child. After their thrombosis, these drug-treated women should only become pregnant, as encouraged by Professor Gyorgy Blaskou, Chief Medical Officer of the Thrombosis Center, to avoid accidental conception.
Following the acute illness the cause of the bleeding should be investigated, and if the results of the genetic test show this, you should choose another precaution instead of taking a pill and inform your doctor of thrombotic disease if you are planning to become pregnant. Medicines containing coumarin should be discontinued and replaced with other active substances in childhood - explains the professor, who does not recommend oral coagulation immediately after conception. Instead of the latter, he recommends low-molecular weight heparin once a day, prophylactically, until the end of pregnancy.
Pregnancy care should be performed by a physician with specific knowledge and experience who will consult (eg) the Center on an ongoing basis. The blessed condition is inherently a risk for a baby prone to thrombosis. And in the last third of the year, the fetus's body will also press the big veins, which can cause thrombosis in the leg, says Professor Blaskou.
On the day of the birth, it was given under the skin heparininjekciу not recommended. At birth, you may need a medicine that stops the heparin effect. However, after the baby is born, heparin should be reverted to the entire infant period. This injection is safe for both pregnant and lactating mothers, because it does not cause significant amounts in either the breast or the milk, says the head doctor.
It can be taken throughout life, but only for coumarin derivatives incompatible with childbirth breastfeeding can be doneto ensure that coumarin, which is also active on the vitamin K metabolism, does not affect the baby's vitamin K stores / uptake.
What happens when a young woman takes coumarin active tablets and becomes pregnant inadvertently? Well, if you notice the pregnancy by the 8th week, then there is hope. However, between 8 and 11 weeks, the fetus is so frail that it may cause a skull deficiency while taking coumarin, which may justify abortion.
Do not wait for this, because there is a solution: you can prevent another thrombosis so that a healthy newborn is born!
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