We decided to come whenever you wanted! Starmam: Judit Rezes

We decided to come whenever you wanted! Starmam: Judit Rezes

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Szabu Gyzgy snooze and Judi Rezes snooze son, Misi are already half-baked. His mother tells me what it was like to attend a home-parenting group class and then to be born in a hospital where her mother was her baby.

Photo: Tucsek Tünde

The mother: Rezes Judit, (34)
Mari-Danny Jossie Ballet Dancer, Member of the Soldier Jose Joseph Balloon The father is: Sabzh Gyzhszny, advertisement graphic
Gyermekьk: Mihбly Simon, born November 1, 2010
How we saw Judit: among others, Tartuffe, Bakkhansnk, Fafeye, Troilus and Cressida, Sбskбk, and success stories such as 9 and 1/2 dating, The Season, Investigator.
Judith's natural charm and smile comes from the heart, suggesting that she was a frequent, welcoming brother to the sunny apartment on the Buda side of the mountain. A graceful moving, slender mother suggests a balcony from where she talks, where a sweet, puffy baby sleeps the righteous.
How did you find out that you were baby baby?
When we wanted to have a baby, he didn't come, and then we decided to come when he wanted to come. I noticed some "suspicious" symptoms and shared this with a colleague who had run away with a tester before lecturing. I did, it became positive. I was expecting this, even though I was really scared. I called Győr and then my mother, who, of course, was very crazy. We played the fairy tale of the Viennese forest that night, in which the protagonist kicks off with great feelings - a child of great love who dies in the end. I went to a very interesting circle that night.
How was your recruitment?
At first, I was sick when my stomach was dry. When I was shouting, the nausea came. I was also sensitive to odors. I couldn't afford it, and I decided I couldn't go any further - then, maybe psychic, the problem was finally gone. From then on, it was fantastic, I loved trying! By June, I was working on the season.
You've been featured in a dance piece - aren't you afraid of getting in trouble?
No, I thought the baby wouldn't be a problem for me. When I had to yell a lot, or was in a fight scene, I explained to her that there was no problem, just mother's birth.
How do you prepare for the baby's arrival?
Gradually, I read about it, read a couple of books, and went to Ader (Adeline Jordan) for a preparatory course on Beth Born. Although I knew I was not going to be born at home, pregnancy and the natural birth of a child have always been of interest and helped a lot.
Was the birth the way you imagined it was?
I wasn't scared because I couldn't figure it out. I was born without painkillers, had been in trouble for a relatively long time, but Misi was out for a while. Some people remember giving birth as the most painful thing in their lives, but that's not what's left for me. Fuhj, but you forget it.
Was your dad in the nursery?
At first I thought I wanted to be inside, but he wasn't really enthusiastic. Over time, I too became uncertain because I didn't know how I was going to wear it, and I didn't want to see it. Finally, I did not regret that my mother was there with me, because I think she could help her much more effectively.
What kind of sensations did motherhood bring to you?
The movements as I started, diapered as I was breastfeeding, all came by themselves. When we went home, it was very strange because I had finished home, but when we left the hospital, I was given a tip. Even at home, I was mourning the moment that finally ceased when we left the birthplace. As he slept in the bridal bunk, I felt so innocent that anyone could take it ... For a long time I couldn't figure out that I had a son that he was mine. By now he has succeeded (smiles).
Did you have help at home?
I had a mother with two grandchildren, my boyfriend's sons, four and six. Actually, my nephews had a lot of fun with the kid's aftermath. Winner had a presentation that week and then had to go to Szombathely. She flipped a lot when she didn't try and came home to be with us. His mother came to help out of Norrbourne. In the meantime, we went home to Miskolc, the great-grandmother and grandfather of Misi. It was such a hectic day, so Wizard just started getting involved with the kid. Great love for the little boy. He likes to bathe, he doesn't let go of the diaper, but he plays with it most.
Misi sleeps like milk, as if she doesn't want to disturb us!
Of course, because at night many times awake! Initially, I was feeding it as needed - it was never a problem with the yeast - now we're starting to switch to low-fat feeding. Fortunately, I have enough milk to feed Adel's baby, too.
Are your friends dating back to your baby Adeline Jordan or are you dating from before?
We are friends with Adila for more than ten years. It had a long, intense stretch that relaxed due to its spatial distance, and then tighter again as we moved into the theater. The fact that we have become almost simultaneously excited is a welcome one.
How do you feel about the new situation?
I feel good, nothing is missing! Of course, when I meet colleagues or go to the theater, my heart beats, but when I'm with Misi, I have everything. We often move out when I have something to do and carry it in a cloth or stroller. So having a good time is much easier. Everything has been "going" for a little while - at first it came to us and coached it in the tub, now I carry it to the Wisconsin Association. Love the water!
Which nature did your little ones inherit?
Her father was tempered, but with my peace of mind I will be able to keep her in control!
You once stated that you didn't have a lot of confidence. But your professional successes give you no reason to do so!
I didn't have a problem with that much, I was an open, happy little girl. Something happened to me in my adulthood - I really don't know the reason. But during my pregnancy, I began to feel a tremendous amount of strength, which is still going on. What gives me.
How did motherhood change?
What I need to do is not what I expect. I became thicker and more sensitive. The order of importance has changed in my life. This change will be interesting to the public when I go back to work in the theater.
In the past, she has played the role of a pregnant woman. Do you want to do that now?
I may not be able to play! I may not be able to say those sentences without saying it, or at all in such an exaggerated state.


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