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Let's learn to cook!

Let's learn to cook!

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Many times parents with small children ask me how to teach a little nose techniques. The answer is simple: playfully!

We need to come up with different tricky solutions to help your child understand how to effectively bleed his nose. One way to do this is to put a quill (cotton ball or ping-pong ball) on the table and show the child how we can bring it to the other side with the nose (not the mouth). Naturally, it is your job to back the fluff with your mouth closed.

With balloons

Nasal congestion in the child may result in dysfunction of the head. In Austria, you can get a balloon in your pharmacy that has a nose attachment. Children always like to swallow balloons, even with their noses. This method can also prevent the formation of corpus luteum. I suppose we could make such a witty structure even domestically, for example with the help of a balloon attached to a thick heart. It is probably a better idea to use a dusty nose adapter than a heartburn for this purpose. With the help of a playful structure, the child can also be guided through the technique of nose-strapping.

Good cleaning

Fortunately, the tiny nose of a healthy baby does not require cleaning. Of course, the situation changes when the baby comes home from the hospital and his or her nasal wounds are produced. Normal nasal passage in infancy is even more important than in later stages of life. Surely not everyone knows that the Newborn cannot breathe in his mouth, only on his nose. As a result, nasal congestion, even with a slight increase, causes significant disturbance in the nutrition and development of the infant.

Important protection

Good nasal breathing is a must for breastfeeding. The burned eyes, spilled spores should be eliminated, and if the baby's nasal cavity is not released again, I recommend using a nasal spray concentrate appropriate for the baby.

Teach your nose to cook!

Nasopharyngeal mucosa is important for physiological function: it filters, moisturizes and warms the inhaled air. This three task can be fulfilled if the air is not too polluted, if the humidity is adequate and there is no viral or bacterial infection in the nasal passages.
The well-functioning nasal protection system tries to expel foreign matter from entering the nose. Occasionally, when sprayed into the nasal passage, it forms "spats" that can be carefully wiped off with a moistened, cleaned cloth. Always make sure to hold the baby's forehead with one hand to prevent it from catching the head and causing bruising in the nose.
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