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Pregnant babies can also be breastfed - We help!

Pregnant babies can also be breastfed - We help!

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With much patience and affection, we can also teach a premature baby to breastfeed. This is sometimes surprisingly easy, and sometimes it leads to a difficult and laborious journey to the breast.

Preterm births are usually unexpected, and the baby may be in a precarious position, depending on the condition and severity of the hospitalization. The big meeting that parents were preparing for is (for the time being at least), instead the intense premature birth will surely be confronted with a shocking presence at the outset.
In one of the many incubators is our little baby, machines, tubes, infusions, respirators. It takes time for parents to process, which has happened, and in the first days or weeks, doctors may not be able to say much reassurance. If the baby's condition is well-adjusted and there is no need for help from machines, infusion, the first breast-feeding may take place.


At first, the most we can do if after birth, we begin to milkto provide breast milk for the baby. You will probably receive this initially through a stomach tube, and then the baby bottle will be followed, and unfortunately, only then will you breast-feed. (However, in the case of helpful and cooperative staff, there is no obstacle to breastfeeding after or during the interview.)

The header is very useful in this case

However, it will still be necessary for milking because the infertile suckling of her baby is not sufficient to maintain proper milk production. Because the immune system of premature babies is immature, we have to pay special attention to purity.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before milking.

  • We turn into a sterile, well-sealed bowl that doesn't touch the inside. Do not pour the first five milliliters of milk into the collection bin.

  • For milking, it is worthwhile to use a high-performance electric breastplate. Cleanable parts should be thoroughly rinsed after each use, and parts exposed to our breasts should be cleaned once a day for twenty minutes. If you have a hospital or have a breast breast, buy a part that comes in contact with the breast and use only our own.

  • Do not pour milk at other times. The name of the child, the exact time of the milking head are recorded on each glass. If your baby can't get enough breast milk, freeze the colostrum because it contains a lot of immune substances and you should get it someday.

  • We exercise at least six to eight times a day, occasionally for twenty minutes.
  • The first breastfeeding

    If the baby is born after the thirtieth week and has a birth weight greater than 1500 grams and is not ill, it is possible to test breastfeeding after the birth of two babies. Your sucker reflex can now be selected, so the first time you try it can be successful. The Hungarian practice is generally that babies can only be suckled at a weight of 1.7 to 2 kilograms at first.
    The more time it takes to wait for a wait, the longer it takes to eat baby bottles, the more serious it is, although it's not regular. Let's try to get more of the little one's body, talk to her, and stroke it. The surges of love that come up in this time are the best preparation for breastfeeding. If your baby is just beginning to milk, it's a good sign and a great success! It shows that we managed to be independent of stressful factors and focus only on the little baby, despite the hospital environment.
    If we can get it done, don't quench our delight! Forget where we are right now, cheer for him happily, welcome him. It will open your eyes!
    Before breastfeeding, loosen your breasts with a gentle massage, maybe milk a little to make your nipple stand out and release your milking reflex. Let's wait for the baby to start looking and holding his mouth. Maybe we can gently stroke it around her lips.
    We can put a few drops of milk in our mouths to understand what's coming. Place it on the breast, with the middle of the hand gently pushing down with your finger to bring the nipple deeper into your mouth. In dysfunctional mothers, it may be a problem that ratios aren't exactly ideal: the tiny nipple in her tiny little mouth is hardly inserted.
    Fortunately, the problems of time have helped with these problems, because the small things begin to grow quickly when their condition is right. In premature babies, they may not breastfeed efficiently and persistently at first. Don't be discouraged, at first it's not about high volumes, but about feeling good about lying in the milky, warm hills.
    You might just run for a little licking at the first cuff, or just swallow what's dripping from your nipple anyway. The point here is to notice that here is something much, but much more pleasant and warmer than the probe or baby feeding. Caress, faint hugs, familiar voices and heartbeats! Her tiny premature antennae senses her mother's love and does what she can. If not today, then tomorrow! Take every opportunity, if possible, stay with the baby at night and try to breastfeed more often (ideally 10-12 times).

    Age of Milk

    The composition of breast milk of a premature baby is more like that of a mother born to an infant. Its protein content is significantly higher, contains more fat, sodium, and less lactose. Of particular importance for infant infants is the fact that it contains substances that aid in the digestion of specific nutrients in breast milk, including fatty enzymes that are fatty in nature. Babies born under 1500 grams may need to be breastfed depending on their condition.
    We offer special formulas, dietary supplements for breast milk. In some countries, breast milk and nutritional supplements made from breast milk are used to make decisions to avoid allergies and to help nutrition. In the United States, there is also an example of the fact that back fat is milked out by separating mothers by centrifuging to determine the fat content and get the most caloric sample.
    The fat content of back milk is twice that of milk at first! For premature babies, it may be appropriate to measure each breastfeed, adherence to two feeding times, and daily gain of growth. As time goes by, and the day when you were born is getting closer, you are becoming stronger, more affirmed, so you can switch to breastfeeding on demand.
    The story in these lines learned from a prematurely born child, Christopher, about how witty and lifelike these very seemingly small things can be. She taught me how to breastfeed. Thanks for it!
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