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The teacher will raise you!

The teacher will raise you!

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Many parents, if you don't have a baby right now, will take away the tax: you'll find that school can't be big! The teacher will raise you! What do teachers think about this?

It is a real relief to have a small child raised in kindergarten and school. Parents believe that there will be an improvement in the hands of the educator. This is often the case: the child is simply liberated from taking rules away, being balanced, manageable - as long as no mother comes for him. The family cow does not profit much from it, at least not in the way parents first think.

The teacher will raise you!

- Today, there are many tasks in the school that have been unambiguously deceptive for decades. All the while we are teaching the child to nose. And, of course, there are a lot of parenting requests - he starts Peter Kovacsis the director of the Tьskevár General School, Vocational School and Gymnasium. - You have to make a conscious decision about whether or not the school should include this. If you do, then co-operation with parents is essential. We always talk a lot to parents who get stuck in the first place, they don't get used to it. This is where children come from, who have already been rid of by many schools because of behavioral problems. I met someone who regularly beat her mother.It often helps if the parents common strategy developed. We recently sat down with an eighth grade, divorced parent, school psychologist, and family caregiver to discuss things. This boy may have first experienced that a number of important people want one. Since then he has begun to behave more normally. But it only works if the parent trusts us, knows that we are good professionals.

The power is with me!

We all remember a teacher who didn't have to discipline the class for a moment. We spoke to the word, enjoyed the ubiquity, and did not even think of being "maligned". Today, many complain about the lack of teaching units. "Of course, it's harder with today's children," says the educator. "But only the authentic person can interact with the kids in this way, but unfortunately, we don't teach it at universities or colleges." Цnismeretre and a suitable toolbar would be needed. You should know, for example, how a child of that age works and how to understand it. It is also important that everyone knows the place so that they do not behave incorrectly ... It is a misunderstood concept that the teacher should basically be in a partnership with the child. We need one word! The child wants to look up at his mother, his father, his teachers, and, if you can prove that he has advanced, he is closer to the adults. You have to know that among teenagers - I am the leader of the flock. I have to give tasks so that the child can prove he is ahead. To do this, I need to know that you can do the job right now.I need to know and understand the child. And his reward is that he can get even more serious. This is important because a child who has grown up in his or her parent's head cannot experience what he or she is capable of, as parents do everything they can to cope with their problems. They are custodians of St. Elizabeth. They take care of the child instead of the child. It's terribly fat. The number of kids is scary. Behind the seemingly triumphant triumphant we always find anxious children. "God, how did you fall from here! God!"