What's the Mixed Group in the Oven?

What's the Mixed Group in the Oven?

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Many fall for oviculinary issues, including those of age and mixed groups. An interesting topic about autopsy is asked by a mother in the subject.

Dear Judit,
It wouldn't be right for high school, but it goes: why are there mixed groups at the ovi? When we came to the door, there were small, middle and large groups. When I first heard about the grouping from my friends, I thought it was a local characteristic, but now I see that almost everything is like that. With this, I only have the problem (although I know there are benefits) that my almost three-year-old sons "get lost" with the six-year-old "horses". for example, if not all of the nanny's are there due to illness, the worshipers are in kindergarten during the morning and the afternoon, and they join the groups for two months in the summer. The games are very much enjoyable, but they are afraid to go in (though there is at least one wicked nanny), shit, reluctant. They will surely survive, and from September they will come there anyway; but what do I do to keep my school from being a "mummy" in the meantime?
Thank you in advance for your answer.Hi!
In many places both "smooth" and mixed groups are launched. It has its advantages, its disadvantages, and most of the disadvantages are overcome by a nun. Mostly the kids who enjoy the mixed group, who have bigger siblings and some - so they have mostly grown up in the company - have spent their time so far. They're the ones who like to have bigger kids in the community, and they can get involved in the bigger games, or just watching them. If there are bigger girls in the group, they are happy to put the little ones under their wings so they both enjoy the ovit. The mixed group is not the same as the merged groupwhen sometimes - because you miss a lady or because of the summer break - they put different groups together in a room.

Mixed groups in high school

In a mixed group, the same kids are always together, they know each other, and the owv nuns are the same. They get ready how treat children of different ages, and come up with programs that the little ones love together. The number is no greater than in traditional groups. Of course, in a mixed group, more attention and creativity is required of educators, but we trust that it is given. (for example, Zoli stabbed Petit in the yard).
Ьdv: Judit Szхdy
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