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Can Incontinence Cause Fracture?

Can Incontinence Cause Fracture?

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The question arises for many little ones: can sectioning, barrier cracking help incontinence? Is there a thing to do? That's what we did afterwards.

The barrier section or barrier fractures are at the bottom of the pelvic floor. In the pelvis itself - which is the area between the labia and the extremity - that is, the perineal body under the skin of the labia, three pairs of muscles and the body itself. Нgy an incompletely healed or possibly malfunctioned barrier fracture can disrupt the integrity of this perineal body and impair the function of superficial muscles.

May not cause urinary incontinence

The incision itself or the incision in the urinary incontinence has no role, we found out dr. Orsolya Oláh, slush-and-cousin. - You simply cannot do this because the structures responsible for the urinary compartment are not located in this area. If, on the other hand, the gauge is cracked, or a more severe degree (third or quarter) is formed, can end with a muscle break. If it is not properly reconstructed due to herniated herniated hernia, or due to a lack of care, szйkletinkontinenciбhoz can lead the way below - explained the expert.

Poorly healed fracture can be dangerous

The doctor emphasized that the incision itself does not cause incontinence: in this case, the end-glandular muscle does not break, but the badly healed glandular fracture may be the cause. - According to English data, about 6% of first-born babies suffer from a loss of the endocardial muscle, but this is probably a higher number because some are hidden due to diagnostic difficulties. In the meantime, it must be understood that, with a fresh, more bloody pain, it is sometimes very difficult to spot a partial sphincter that may not be effective, said dr. Orsolya Oláh.

When do you need surgery?

A significant portion of the small end-injury muscle remains asymptomatic, as the remainder compensates for the damaged end in the blunting function. - In this case, the only symptom we see is that it is difficult or impossible for the patient to keep the fetus in the diarrhea, but for this very reason, they rarely see a doctor - says the specialist. biofeedback therapy with a lower degree of severity can improve a lot, but if it doesn't happen, or basically the symptoms are so serious, or if it's not so serious, but we are right after the birth, there is a need for reconstruction, but very few people deal with this special type of surgery in Hungary.It is very important that the surgery is more successful the sooner after birth the so-called spinchter plastic, so if you experience such a symptom, you should apply for an examination first - your baby's attention was called to her.Can Incontinence Cause Fracture?

Complaints may go away

Occasionally, surgery does not lead to satisfactory results - for example, if it is too long between birth and surgery - and it is also possible that after a successful operation, a couple of years later, it is very important to complain in Hungary, it is almost invariably the so-called mediolateral barrier incision: this means you are ready for the older practice optimally 60 degrees relative to the midline of the barrier, not at the end, which prevents a significant part of the endometrial muscles.Risk factors can be, for example, the tooth, which increases the risk of crack almost seven times, but this intervention is not performed in our country. In addition, in Hungary, in case of risk we prefer to have a cesarean section - he added dr. Orsolya Oláh - so, due to the factors above, there is probably a lot less third and quarter degree fracture.
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