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Christmas for grandparents: how is the baby better?

Christmas for grandparents: how is the baby better?

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Many families with their grandparents fill the sacrament shortly, or after the 24th they begin a runaway run: they visit close relatives to have the festive ritual everywhere, possibly to mourn.

As simple and beautiful a holiday as it is today stressful and tense became Christmas. Getting the perfect gifts in time, the immaculate and gorgeously decorated home, the most beautiful tree, the perfect Christmas menu, and, of course, organizing your children to feel or feel nothing at all. Yes, but the sweetest festive tunes come to naught when parents fall on the eve of Christmas tree on the edge of the nervous breakdown. And when the parents are tense, the kids are much more unmanageable, and more sensitive, and we're trapped in the 22's.It's not good for a kid to run from one place to another It can also be difficult to plan a family Christmas with an extended - grandparent's - family, as this often leads to discussions about where to go for Christmas, what's in a row, what's important, and why. let the family gather. But it is not necessary for us to go, if you invite us to the wider family circle, it can quickly develop into a Christmas clash. We have been asked Theisz Dura psychology about the subject and surprising things about the effects of the holiday chaos on children:?Causes stress and tension in children if they have to run too much at this timeif they have to visit their celebrating family members in this wild game. However, children often become upset when new people, new situations, and new opportunities are opened every day. Kim John Payne observers of psychology-pedagogy we know that too many stimuli, too many programs, too many gifts at least so much traumatizes childrenas if they were living in a war zone. For us modern parents, it might be worth taking these experiences seriously and making the necessary steps in the festive noise? Do you mind dumbing down? - warns the specialist. Preventing stressful situations, calm communication, arranging hearts and keeping the best interests of children in mind is key to making this period stressful. It's important that find a solution that has the least stress for kids, even though it may lead to grief for one or another of the family members.When children are old enough to consciously survive Christmas, it is worthwhile to cheat on a new saint. We need to develop our own festive traditions that apply only to us and our children (tailored to our own needs) and and extended family visits should be neatly distributed for the rest of the day.You may also be interested in:
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