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You can never get tired, have endless playability, develop creativity, and be environmentally friendly - not too cheap a toy, all in a cardboard box. You don't need anything else, just a childlike fantasy.

It's cheaper than a low-coster

Cut a V-shaped nipple on each side of the box, fold it up, and glue it on the end of a roll of paper - these will be the wings and the turbines. Lay a lid on the top of the box, draw it in a circle, and then cut out the window with a sharp sawtooth for the pilot's head. At the bottom of the box, the tail of the fly is made, with a wide adhesive tape attached to the back of the cardboard.

With a little imagination, you can fly, auto or tunnel out of a simple box

Great travel

By the time we find ourselves in the kitchen, kids are not the ones who cook the train. Although we need to get a few cardboard boxes from a local store, we can be proud to take an active role in the recycling of waste. We put boxes of different shapes and sizes in place and fasten the locomotive and the wagons with adhesive tape. Let's cut out a few cards. We can start painting the assembly for the little ones. They fantasize either about intercity or fairy tale trains from the boxes based on the trains observed at the train yard.

You can watch Father

Playing a nonsense is probably better than blessing the box. It is true that channel switching is sometimes slow, and we can learn from the box what news our kids are thinking about. Cut out a baking tray from the top two thirds of the box and lighten the top or lighten the top with a cork stopper. Cut out an advertisement on a mobile phone or a telegram and affix it to a cardboard of appropriate size.

Mysterious tunnel

Collect a few cartons of similar size, open the bottom and top of each one, and then use a wide tape to glue them together. This can also give the space to our seedlings: they can be painted, cut into the side or mole on top. The dark is an exciting field for experimentation: what it feels like to get in, what we saw on the slopes, how to get the mole out, who gets to it the fastest, and also the funniest when it comes to daddy!


Everything is inspired by human imagination with this yellow, crescent-shaped fruit! Our cucumbers now look like this, rather than being caught or swallowed by the box of the last banana. It would be fun to skimp on it, just to ruin my original state. After all, it can be hair, car, wise, smug, stroller, runner.

Dark in the blood

The fridge box is such an exciting shelter. Cut the top gently, open the sides at the bottom, and cut a block gate at the bottom. Be careful not to cut it off completely, let it remain a flip-flop, depending on whether it is friendly or hostile. If the children are immersed in the realm of fairy tales, we can help you make shields made of cardboard, wooden swords wrapped in aluminum, newborns made of paperboard! And if the Blessed Lady overlooks Granny's bridal veil, and the Lord of the Blood shakes the thousand-year-old potato rabbit on his own, we might lose the century.