The fetus responds by caressing the tummy

The fetus responds by caressing the tummy

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Nothing compares to the sensation of the motion of our baby growing up - it might just be better for the fetus to touch our belly!

That's exactly what British researchers say: fetuses touch their faces or clench their hands when they keep their mother's caress. Experts from the University of Dundee enrolled a total of 23 pregnant women (between 21 and 33 weeks pregnant) with three tests. Of course, every time the fetus reacted to the mother's actions.Answer the fetus to the maternal touch The mothers first read a story, then caressed their tummy, and finally, during the control exam, remained silent and held their hands next to their bodies. The fetus was then examined with a so-called 4D ultrasound. So I found that babies were more responsive to touch than to voice: touching hands, feet, mouth. The more advanced the pregnancy, the more intense the fetal response was. At the same time, response responses have also been observed in younger fetuses. what external influences affect them ", the researchers said. Because, in this research, only mothers are involved, it is not known how fetuses react when they hear other voices, or others.You may also be interested in:
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