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Fear can also cause infertility

Fear can also cause infertility

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Unfortunately, in our country, the number of infertile couples is very high, and it is growing year by year. This is very worrying in itself, as it points to the fact that we are facing a lot of unrecognized diseases.

Fear can also cause infertility

At the same time, account must be taken of the factors that we generate ourselves. In this case, we are dealing with some kind of sick dread, the tocophobia. In the topic dr. Angel Giza you are the chief medical officer at

Fear of birth?

Unfortunately, besides the various diseases, those with with spiritual factors it is also important to bear in mind the infertility, which is often not acknowledged by the mother-in-law, neither by their doctor, nor by their couple, and even by themselves. Such a diagnosable form of the disease is tocophobia. We can talk about this disease if the baby's dread is born to the size of the patient. typical in this case depressed, panic attacks, even losing libido altogether can also be associated with the curve. It also happens that the problem does not occur when the fetus has begun to grow, but when the couple decides they want a baby. In this case, women typically do not push things, but tocophobia does not mean that want a baby. Unfortunately, however, fear does not only make our daily lives. In infertility, at least in medical terms, there is much less need for psychological factors than organic diseases. However, the fact that a mother is pregnant, pregnant or even living with her baby can make it impossible for her to become pregnant.

This can only happen

It is important to clarify that all of the above mentioned behaviors are completely normal, as having to deal with a whole new life situation will result in a process that will radically change the life of the family. And such events are a distraction for everyone. The problem begins when this fear is bitten and it takes on dimensions that are it seriously affects everyday lifeand prosperity.Dr. Angela Giza also said that when a couple's life comes, the moment they get paperwork to get one or all of them, they don't have to panic. It just means that a natural man in an age has not been able to conceive. The next step should be a thorough medical examination, but your mother and grandfather can do it too, and many of the causes of infertility include inadequate nutrition. This can be remedied relatively easily йletmуdvбltбssal, okay eating and exercising. According to the majority of experts, the intake of fortified vitamins is also justified, as a good choice helps to replenish warehouses, planning for the year, and three times longer. however, even with a balanced life, mental burdens are not removed in all cases.

The health of the soul is the fullness of the body

It would be a mistake to omit mental health from counting, as it plays a huge role in everyday life. If you look at just the very simple, medically accepted truth about how badly stress affects our bodies, it is easy to accept that anxiety can cause so much damage. But physically you can do stress, anxiety is a bit different. Don't seek the help of a professional as it can be the borderline between expectation and desperate efforts.Rate:
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