More hungry places, more money to eat

More hungry places, more money to eat

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It has made the government more flexible and adapted the bihar system to life, said the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources on the M1 channel.

Life in wits

Révvri Bencét I was asked on the occasion that the adoption of a law adopted on Tuesday would further extend the family support system in Hungary.
On January 1st, 2017, besides the goodbyes miniature, family, or workplace wits parents can also choose. In the past, settlements with over a thousand inhabitants were required to provide welfare services, after the entry into force of the legislative change, where forty more than three children live under the age of three or there are at least five children whose parents are in need of support. The law also states that they will raise the amounts spent on holiday meals. Bence Rétvárri said that next year's budget will be replaced by 4.5 billion forints instead of 144 billion for 206 thousand children.
He stressed that the measure was extended in time: spring, autumn and winter breaks could be used.
With the change, social care in Hungary has reached a level comparable to that of Scandinavian countries, said Bence Révvíri.


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