A bus driver helped a little baby

Exemplary support for a pregnant mother was demonstrated by a bus driver and passengers on the bus.

Some people are looking for a solution, rather than blaming"There are people out there who are looking for a solution instead of trying to get it," BAMA read in a letter. A 35-week-old pregnant woman missed the local bus and had to wait 60 minutes for the next one. Waiting patiently, he sat down on a bench, "I drank my little water in relative shades, and wounded him wildly." "He's only 7 minutes away - it's really a pleasure. He's finally in the city bus, and I have noticed that he's not back in the cold." or 20 people were stunned by what was happening at this time. An elite group of five went into the traffic office. " However, at this time another boat arrived, which was on another route, but the maternal mother and the rest of the traveling passengers called for them to go with him for a while. "I had a plan to put on the line bar, eat a fruit soup, and then take home the next 27. Because my drought doesn't dry out in my body, but the refreshed passengers do there is a pregnant lady among them who has missed the bus, the next one hasn't stopped and she lives on the mountain. "Would you be good enough to change your plan and turn around because unfortunately your previous colleague didn't get in the car, so he left us to dry?" "For me, it was really easy for me, so sorry for this. I am sorry for the driver and for the one who allowed the change of route.