Dust Allergy - Are You Sleeping With Anger?

Dust Allergy - Are You Sleeping With Anger?

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In our home, we have dust mites that can be seen with all the microscopes. However, these small living conditions, despite their small size, have a great influence on our daily lives.

In Hungary, besides ragweed allergy, the other most common allergic disease is the hбzipor allergy. In the common language, only dust mites are responsible for the largest part of the disease known as dust allergy. Although these living things are harmless to the common man, it is not worth learning how to live with us.

They eat us, they become dust

Dust mites can be found in every household in upholstered furniture, carpeting, curtains, and bed mattresses. Our clothes, bags, "traveling", and the invisible dust particles of the air entering the home can get into our home. And if we despised our feet, it is almost impossible to eradicate them. The powdery mucus can contain up to thousands of dust mite colonies. The edible diet of the mucous membrane of the skin, and the scaly portions of the scalp, the dandruff. Most mites can be found in our beds, because here during 6-8 hours of daily sleep, due to body heat, the temperature reaches or exceeds 20-22 degrees Celsius, which is most favorable for mite life. The megfelelх pбratartalmat lйgzйs йs pбrolgбs ъtjбn biztosнtja the human body or the poratkбk "йlelmezйsйt" the testfelьletrхl lekerьlх hбmrйteg szolgбltatja.Bбr elйg it sounds bizarre, mйg do not have any serious problйma valу the йlхskцdхkkel egyьttйlйssel, egйszen long amнg to the hajlamosaknбl is formed a kind of resistance to uninhabited homes.

House dust allergy is caused by the dust mite

Life on the Trench Hill

Our immune system is constantly protecting our body against attacks of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. In the case of allergies, however, the immune system also triggers the body's defenses against harmless substances. This can cause allergic complaints. The protein found in the home dust mite can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. With the help of continuous air, very large quantities of dust mites enter our body. Unfortunately, our nostrils can't filter this out, as dusters are just a tiny fraction of the size, and get through our "filtering equipment" almost without difficulty.

Bears, toddlers - increased risk

Dr. Csilla Csбki, based on several years of experience in allergology, says "a characteristic symptoms of dust mite allergy felnхtteknйl leginkбbb be the бllandу orrdugulбs, ismйtlхdх arcьreggyulladбs, gyerekeknйl the fьlkьrt-enteritis, orrdugulбs, orrfolyбs, sнpolу lйgzйs, nehйzlйgzйs, zihбlбs, йjszakai kцhцgйs. "The dust mite allergiбt kнsйrх szimptуmбk mйg a felnхtt szбmбra very inconvenient, a child is very megviselhetnek. Allergologists call our attention to the fact that infants and toddlers are most at risk, spending most of the day at home, indoors, happily rolling in their cribs, crawling on the attic, constantly being immune. But can we, as parents, do anything to prevent our child from becoming allergic? ”Dr. Csilla Csákki emphasizes that prevention is not always possible because their allergies are basically due to their more susceptible genetic predisposition. New Account We have provided a home for babies, mites and smoke-free homes, as well as a home that is free of environmental damage and air pollution. However, excessive hygiene and the use of disinfectants do not help, but rather increase the allergic predisposition of children. Domestic pets prefer to have dogs, but cats can increase the risk of allergies.

If you got in trouble

If you have been experiencing house dust allergy symptoms for some time, it is advisable to consult a specialist who, after a thorough examination, with forearm skin test, or in a blood sample It alters the diagnosis by performing allergen testing. After consultation, we can decide for ourselves what therapy to use for healing. According to Dr. Csilla Csák, the most effective treatment in traditional medicine is the symptomatic treatment with the tablets: antihistamine tablets, anti-inflammatory nasal sprays, and in the case of asthma, you can also use an ointment or a spray. also in kinesiology. However, according to our specialist in allergology, allergen-specific immunotherapy is currently the most effective long-term alternative treatment method. The immunterбpia its essence is that it deals with the cause of allergy rather than treating the symptoms: it "teaches" the immune system how to react to a particular allergen. The use of immunotherapy in children is especially recommended because it prevents the development of further allergies and asthma, and reverses the derelict immune system.

Life with mites

It is almost impossible to get rid of mites, but if New housekeeping policy We have proposed significant condition rarity in the dwelling. Let's start with the bedroom. Flakes, feathers or cotton are ideal environments for dust mites, so use pads and blankets filled with synthetic material instead. The spread of the mite is really characterized by the fact that one and two years the weight of the cushion in the room is about 10% of that of the dead mites and hermits. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the whole set due to dead three-dimensional cells, hairs and dandruff.Do not keep plants in the bedroom, or only if you wipe your leaves with a damp cloth at least three times a week. Always use a damp cloth for porting, and possibly do so when the allergic family member is not at home. No matter how much we love our little family, we must close the door of our bedroom tightly. Dust mites love the damp medium, so we can use it anti-freeze cookers, but it is also worth trying an old household practice: put half a kilo of pork on a rack and put it close to your bed. This method also absorbs excess moisture quickly and efficiently.They may also be interested in:
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