Fire the big one

Fire the big one

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There is no fire at home, but the grandma lets it go. What can you do? Five handy tips for practicing moms!

There is no fire at home, but the great one?

1. Compromise

From my own experience, I know this won't be the only thing you won't let go, but it can be the big one (like jerky). We have a compromise. You can watch the father, up to one hour a day, and strictly watch the show. If the weather is raining and you can't get out into the air, then you have an eagle and an eagle.

2. Their Blood!

I think grandma's in his own realm, he does what he wants. If you don't like it, you can tell her, but respect her grandmother's circle. Of course, you can expect him to be involved in your business as well.

3. Taken movie

We have this problem too. I pack the clothes along with the clothes, and we agreed that the kids could only see them. It works.

4. Big break

I told my grandma that I will not bring Balzz if the father goes all day, and in the future, tummy. You can visit and play with your granddaughter, but I won't leave her. He'd rather go to the other grandma.

5. Humor

Tell him what you think, watch me. I was helped by a poem by Roald Dahl, translated by Varrу Dani (Television Advice). We laughed, and we talked. The success is incomplete, but sometimes I mentioned that he would be responsible if the eyes of the children were lost.

Here's this stroke:
We were just coming, Father
The kids watched it out loud.
The Lord of the Three is not even slumped,
They just see their eyes go blank.
(Last time we saw one place
Tzz eyeballs on the carpet.)
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