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Esther's Diary - Week 29Dangerous for Pregnancy (Fall)

Esther's Diary - Week 29Dangerous for Pregnancy (Fall)

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This week Esther finds herself in a strange situation. A merry evening out comes with an unpleasant overtone.

Photograph: Bbcsi Rуbert Lbszlou

At that time, Esther didn't even know that the night before the fun had come to her was suddenly a joy. An aggressive alien abducted from the crowd, she had just seven weeks pregnant pregnant woman off the bus. The unsuspecting male was just wondering where to go next when he was attentive to loud shouting. She was terrified to notice that her belly shouting at three belly men strangling her belly ... - marshalled that night's evening in a mockery of me, believing I was in danger. Not really. But we are there every day.
It was a nice, warm night. Giza had gone home before and I was really into a bit of a hustle and a couple of wall climbs, so we set off for Gödör. So into the Aquarium. Our eyes shone just like our healthy and shiny hair, our face was reddish, and the city sky could have gotten even a bright heart instead of dirty. But not. The night was not as gruesome as the story below doesn't seem as scary as it first seems. Nothing special would have happened if I wasn't pregnant. The moment I got off the bus at Deqk, I felt a lunge and a great deal of pain on my left side of my stomach. I didn't even know what was happening when a dumb guy shouted "Wow, boo, sorry". In an instant, it became apparent to me that she had come directly to me to get to know me (romantically). He might have thought I was alone (because Giza was drifting away a bit because of the weight of the teenager) and he certainly didn't even see me having a baby. But I didn't think about them all the time, but when I realized that I wasn't in a big deal, I pushed the guy into the breast with a single gesture and began to change what he was making of himself. That's when Giza got there, saw me stomach my stomach and something happened (not a tragedy, especially I wouldn't have the power to get pregnant). Giza was nervous by then, but really, her face instantly deformed to what it is like when you take part in a kungfu competition, that is, when the world disappears. Everything that I can barely know is scary enough, and his movements are quick and precise (though he pulls a prickly bear in our walks), his right palm drooling at the sight of his dude, , but then you got a little turbo drive, which you just didn't get in your ass, but at least a few meters away. In addition, due to some event, the Police Square was full of police, so I called Gaz there, who would have practiced guarding the guys in the town. As the bus had already been dismantled in the first place, there was no need to continue, because then we would be able to shoot a non-guaranteed Hungarian film instead of Fukkus. This whole case had a smoke much larger than its flame, but we denied that our heart beat faster.
What's the Lesson? (Don't get off the bus!) Nothing serious, so it doesn't crash. By no means am I staying home now! Anywhere, anytime you can find anything and stupid things everywhere (what a life right). Yeah, after that incident, I shunned the masses. Fortunately, Giza was with me, so that day he was more than my bodyguard. The evening went on well, funny, buddies, party, beer ... because I chose it instead of hanging on the wall of a pair.


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