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A bend clears the memory of the immune system

A bend clears the memory of the immune system

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The bend to the immune system has such a devastating effect that the ability of the sick to fall is reduced to the infant's infirm state.

The curve virus erases a portion of the immune system's memory, so that the infectious ones will be cautiously relapsed to a disease that has already been eradicated, according to a recent MTI release.A bend destroys the immune system to the level of a baby (photo: iStock) One study analyzed the antibodies of 77 unvaccinated children in the Netherlands and found that the bend eliminates 11 to 73 percent of the antibodies that protect against infections. The research describes it as "immunological amnesia", which means that the body's immune system does not recognize the pathogens it has encountered in the past, so it cannot prevent the infection with a virus that it has had in the past. They can be considered immune to diseases such as herpes, influenza, or bacterial pneumonia due to bending. According to the results, a bend is so damaging to the immune system of the human being that it creeps into an immature state such as a baby in which only a small amount of antibodies protect the body from being infected against. The research therefore highlights the importance of defending against bends. The bend began to spread again in the past years, though it might have disappeared.
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