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Retail borrowing is tightening

Retail borrowing is tightening

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As of October 1, the National Bank of Hungary has been decreeing that a household can convert a percentage of its income into a loan repayment. The goal is to have more and more secure loans.

Retail borrowing is tighteningFrom now on, the credit system will be completely transformed, but this will not negatively affect your credit.Vincze Christian, the head of the GDN Real Estate Credit Center said the borrowed income of a given household should be taken into account. payments can be used to pay up to 25 percent instead of the current 50 percent. For those with incomes above $ 400,000, the same rate is 30 percent. By contrast, those who opt for a guaranteed interest rate loan for up to 5 years, but do not earn more than $ 400,000, and pay more than $ 400,000 are paid out monthly, they can pay up to 40 percent of the payer's details. With interest-bearing loans for 10 years or longer, you will keep it for as long as you can, the credit will not fall, but the credit market may change somewhat. as he said, the regulation needed more and more secure interest-bearing loans because, over the past few years, interest rates have "The swap does not apply to existing loans, but it does, if the client has become more secure and riskier," said the head of the GDN Real Estate Credit Center. The decree will change from July 1, then raising the current limit of $ 500 to $ 500.
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