Amniocentesis in maternal eyes

Amniocentesis in maternal eyes

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So we asked mommy why they were sampling the fetal water and how they had survived this procedure. Amniocentesis of the body.

Amniocentesis with maternal eyesIn Hungary, 6% of infants are born with some form of developmental disorder. Screening tests are primarily aimed at recognizing these disorders as early as possible.The tests for detecting genetic disorders are mostly invasive. It means that fetal pattern they need it, which they could retrieve with some sort of sampling tool, penetrating the belt. Such invasive tests with chorionic colitis (CVS) and amniocentesis (AC) .If a pregnant woman is 35 years old or ultrasound, a blood test or a combination of the two can give a positive result, the doctor will have a positive result. For those who have had a genetic disorder in their family, or where the parents are carriers of a genetic disorder, we might even recommend this intervention.

In short, amniocentesis

The fetus floats in a bag filled with fluids (an amniotic sac). During amniocentesis (fetal water), this fluid is sampled. The procedure itself allows for the examination of fetal chromosome aberrations during pregnancy, and the cells in the amniotic fluid provide reliable information to those skilled in the art.
The test gives more than 99 percent accurate results. Amniocentesis is shown in Figures 15-19. weekly, and the amniotic fluid is tested in a special genetic laboratory. You often have to wait 3-4 weeks for the result.

Why should the exam take place?

So I asked mommy (Bogi, Marchi, Melinda and Nikit) what the circumstances and the circumstances of the exam were; And I also asked them to report what they had experienced with the amniotic fluid sampling.Бgi (40) underwent amniocentesis in all three of my pregnancies because of the differences in myocardial measurements. The examinations were conducted at 22, 30 and 36 years.Marcsi (36) Because of his age, it was recommended that fetal water be sampled. After the 12-week ultrasound, because no problem was detected, she refused the amniotic fluid sampling. However, at week 20 ultrasound examination, there were also three abnormalities, which eventually resulted in his consent to amniocentesis. Niki (40) asked for the investigation itself. He was 36 years old at the time.Melindбnбl (40) had a second pregnancy due to the value of week 16 AFP results in amniocentesis. At that time he was 33 years old.

Have you received full information about the exam?

Amniocentesis is not a harmless diagnostic procedureso the doctor should weigh the risks and decide on the need for an examination. Because interventions may have a 1% risk of miscarriage, so the mother should be aware of the reasons for the examination, the course, and the possible consequences of the examination. for my first amniocentesis: "I was sent to the women's clinic from the SZTK, where they got the same results when I was tested. They said this procedure should be wrong. , and, of course, also post-related information.

Have you experienced any side effects?

Fetal water can be followed by spotting, bleeding, very rarely infections and fetal water leakage. The mothers questioned by me did not experience any side effects after the exam. Marcsi felt the dry spot for a few days, but he said it did not cause much pain.

How did the intervention happen?

Before the procedure, ultrasound examines the vital signs of the fetus, its position within the fetus, the amount of water in the fetus, and the site of adherence. The intervention requires you to lie down and release the abdomen. Following the disinfection of the abdominal wall, a very careful introduction of the thymus from the fetus, in a non-swept area, occurs. The stomach reaches the amniotic fluid through the peritoneum and the peritoneum, penetrating the enclosures, of which approx. 15-20 ml samples are taken. Mothers were always invested in a health facility prior to the intervention. she was pumped into the hide that she had - after being away from the little bean eye - to get the right amount of test sample. Melinda йrezte magбt biztonsбgban during vizsgбlat "Rendkнvьl were kцrьltekintхek, mыtйti kцrьlmйnyek kцzцtt tцrtйnt the amniocentйzis the beavatkozбst vйgzх doctor vйgig very calmly, megnyugtatу mуdon tбjйkoztatott arrуl what tцrtйnik exactly what I йppen to the fetus to behave during the beavatkozбs... "Amniocentesis was not a long intervention," Niki said, then he continued:
"It was not painful at all. The baby and her baby's ultrasound were monitored all the way. I felt safer."
Marcsi recalled to the exam: "The intervention itself was very strange, weird sensation. I was done at 10 am, they let me home at 3 pm.

What can we advise those who are now in the process of intervention?

"I'd have so much advice," she said it is imperative that the mother talks to her immediate familywith the child's daddy and of course the doctor. This is not a dangerous intervention, so you have to think very carefully about whether you are worth the risk and whether you are actually demonstrating what you are doing. You should also think about what to do if your baby is born ill. First and foremost, attention should be paid to parents' non-invasive tests: they choose an institution where the conditions are right and they have the utmost confidence in the amniocentesis physician. "Niki also made a similar statement: , you can filter out the same diseases, then I choose that. "Related articles in genetic screening:
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