Poplar disease

Poplar disease

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In summer, it is not uncommon for a family to have a stomach upset, or a summer virus that can make everyone sick for a day or two.

Sensitive indicator of the stomach! Shortly after consuming spoiled fruit, greens or other food, you will definitely feel it: you shouldn't have eaten it! The nervousness, the excitement can easily go to your stomach and can cause you to have crazy problems even if the food you eat is so impeccable. Fortunately, the majority of people are cured of these diseases soon, but you can speed up healing with a few tricks:
- Get some extra chamomile tea in a larger quantity to patch up the lost fluid and help with irritated stomach and bowel inflammation.
- Until you have a change, do not force the meal, but if you want something, take a little of it. Your organization will tell you what you need and when you need it.
- Activated capsules can help and accelerate the healing process, which binds and deactivates toxic substances that enter the gastrointestinal tract. Kids can get it at the age of three and have the great advantage of not being lifted, just passing through the gutter, and doing some basic clean-up activity. So you can take it while you're pregnant or breastfeeding. For small children, you can give the active ingredient mixed with water or fruit.
So avoid the trouble
In high heat, do not store the food for too long, cool it in cold water after preparation and refrigerate immediately.
Everything should be washed very carefully and, if necessary, rubbed with a sponge.
Try to buy fruits and vegetables from a trusted place.
When you are at a formal garden party, do not eat the creamy cakes, vinaigrette and mayonnaise salad stored outside for long periods of time, as these are the most common causes of excessive nutrition. The little ones are better off with freshly opened baby boomers. If you had one, make some other light, light meals. Do not drink from the water of springs or wells that have no information on water quality.