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That's how we found the kid's name!

That's how we found the kid's name!

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It's hard to name a name. Like the rendering. Well, even if the baby is a boy or a girl. It's a responsibility to give a name. What does grandma say? What's your uncle, your neighbor's lady? To name a great game: just find the right one!

The real name simply "arrived"

I heard it on the street

We came in the autumn of 2006, when it turned out that I was carrying a little boy under my heart.
When we didn't know all of this, there was a lot of talk about naming - and Dad wanted something special, something traditional.
We laughed a lot when we used the first names that often seem like hairdressers to the father's first name. Be Stephen! Also, call my father, no, then be Louis, because mine is so! Be Juliet! No, then Ilona… wow!
Finally, Dad decided to go for Anna for some reason. Well, Dad! They call every other baby girl ... Let's be Lina. Lйna? How can one name a girl like that? Alina was busy with the family, even though I liked it the most. Yeah, then Anna Lane? Annalйna? And what's the name? Let Liana Anna then. I did not know that after naming, the naming would be in the priority order.
Yeah, we have our name! In the meantime, I had a feeling I would have a son. I spent a lot of time in downtown Pecs when the harsh autumn seemed to ease a bit. On such an occasion, I sat down at the Theater Square and just watched the bustle. I once saw a two-shaped boy playing with his brother in a frenzy. I watched them and imagined my son would paddle the water in the water in hot summer dunes.
His grandmother chanting, "Illay! Come on, let's go home!" And then I felt as my whole body was overwhelmed with lust, the divine sense of coming, yes, I came, I knew, if it came to being a son, you would be called Elijah. The family had to get used to the idea, but I think anyone who knows our little Illinois realizes that it is a real magic, a unique name for true unity: Fey Ills, born January 15, 2007.
Laczkу Piroska

Numbers are difficult to pick

So we chose a name

Our first baby conceived as a true love child, so the name Dura (= God's gift) was clear to me. I thought I chose this name if he was a son, Dad would decide. Х's suggestion was Benjбmin or Dominik. I was both a stranger to me, but I was afraid in time and that she would be a baby girl.
We didn't get any ideas from our relatives, just criticism. According to my dad, we could have found a more Hungarian name, the parents of the couple were worried that he would not return his father and grandfather's name, and would not be III. Jбnos. We have closed this by giving it this name, but we will use the others. Selection became urgent when we learned at week 30 that he was a little boy.
It was important to me:
- that his birthday should not be near his birthday (so did Matthew, Daniel, Dominik) and Christmas (so did Benjamin);
- be of biblical origin, after the family of the couple is religious, and we both have biblical names;
- not very common but not very rare as I am an educator and face related to many names which made it difficult to choose names;
- the family should not have the same name for anyone;
- fit the driver's name;
- be able to call;
- sound good in one voice;
- its meaning must also be acceptable.
At week 34, my dad talked to the hairdresser, luckily he talked about the aliases and suggested Barnabas, which came to my mind, and I mean, Barnabas, destiny (son of comfort; grace of God).
Judith Csizmadia