Are fetuses dangerous to fetuses?

Are fetuses dangerous to fetuses?

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European experts have called attention to the dangers of pesticides, and in the meantime the British government has voted against the ban.

The British have no plans to ban pesticide herbicides even though they appear to adversely affect fetal brain development. The uniу hбrom neonicotinoid pesticide material illetхen kйtйves moratуriumot lйptetett йletbe, however, denies this Egyesьlt Kirбlysбg kormбnyzata szьksйgessйgйt.Most imidacloprid nevы rovarirtу kцzйppontjбban is a dispute, however, Owen Patterson, kцrnyezetvйdelmi бllamtitkбr by not бll elйg rendelkezйsre tudomбnyos bizonyнtйk the human nervous system kцzponti kбrosнtу hatбsra vonatkozуan.
In previous studies in rats, imidacloprid caused a decrease in the brain mass of the offspring and a reduction in nerve signal (ie, a decrease in the conduction of stimuli), which was the main cause. In another animal study, acetamiprid reduced the weight, survival, and response to environmental stimuli. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), these results suggest that the safety requirements for the two test substances should be increased.

However, according to Professor Alan Boobis (Imperial College), this is not necessary, since the doses tested are far more than the amount a human body can normally handle. However, further experiments should be conducted in this field to determine the maximum tolerable daily levels of the agents.