Not playing, but interesting!

Not playing, but interesting!

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Not bad, just curiosity drives the little ones to new discoveries when they gutt the little ripped teddy bear, teddy bear, unpack the boy and your box.

Let the children have the opportunity to pack!

Let's enjoy our handshake, check out the contents of the available guys, sweep the bookshelf, and fill out the pages. Place your belongings in such a way that they do not get caught in the hands of the little gas. Let's give you some interesting things to explore instead. What's cool for us might be the best games for us. Be sure to stay with her while you do things that are not originally child-friendly.Other super tips:
- Box
- Magazines
- Let's play shopkeeper!
- Survivors
- Cure-up, of course, let's put together a blueprint. Let's pack one of the most fashionable pieces with a lot of "exciting" limlies: fancy, bright, ribbon, teardrop, wallet, picture magazine.Let a boy with baby clothes, small shoes, clean shoes. You'll be sure to enjoy these with your inoperable playback, small screen, household appliance, keyboard, mobile phone. The more buttons, the better!They may also be interested in:
- Play on the pad
- What are your players like?
- When is the baby supposed to play?