Reflux: not only treatable but also curable

Reflux: not only treatable but also curable

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You do not have to be refluxy enough to give your stomach some unpleasant symptoms after a sumptuous feast.

Reflux: not only treatable but also curableHowever, if aching pain, nausea, hoarseness, or even sleepless nights make you sick for a longer period of time, you should definitely seek medical attention. However, you know that there is a surgical procedure that can completely eliminate the disease, errl Dr. Vas Peter, the wound of the Danube Medical Center tell me the details.Are you waking up to the fact that you have such a sensation, someone has been on your chest? Sitting on the couch for long minutes at night, did not the depressed sensations begin to ease? Tired of measuring your stomach after a delicious lemonade or a fresh tomato salad? If so, there is high currency reflux that needs to be treated as soon as possible.

When we can't sleep at all

In patients with severe reflux, it may occur after going to bed backwash acid it stings the tongue to such an extent that it is uncomfortable to sleep, cushioned. That you have already цnmagбban fбradtsбgot, levertsйget may not beszйlve experienced napkцzben also gyomorйgйsrхl, kцhцgйsrхl, hбnyingerrхl, often cause unpleasant szбjнzrхl йs szбjszagrуl.A visszaбramlу bile acid йs elхbb-utуbb the nyбlkahбrtya cells kбrosodбsбt, ebbхl elsх develops lйpйskйnt nyelхcsхgyulladбs. If inflammation persists for a long time, bleeding, ulceration, or swelling of the esophagus may occur. Prolonged inflammation can also lead to persistent mucosal fracture, which increases the likelihood of developing a tumor.

Why are we getting reflux?

A lot depends on how we eat, when and how much we eat. Overdose is often a symptom of reflux, but illness can be caused by stress, and side effects of certain drugs (allergies, blood pressure, sedatives) can also be the cause.

What can we do?

It depends on how severe our reflux is. It is often enough to change our habits and avoid:
  • fatty, spicy food
  • dohбnyzбst
  • alcoholic drinks
  • caffeine drinks
  • soda drinks
  • make dinner
If lifestyle changes do not help alleviate the symptoms, there are a number of drug-related conditions that can alleviate the symptoms, which, unfortunately, can return at any time.

Never go away?

Reflux can be minimally treated invasive with surgical techniques also, which forms a cuff on the lower part of the stomach and on the lower part of the esophagus. "It works on the mouth of the valve, ie it allows food to pass through the esophagus, but prevents gastric contents from returning to the esophagus. And after 14 days of hatching, the patients are again able to work. " - says dr. Vas Peter. Of course, after the intervention, it is still worth following your planned diet, but in a few weeks you may have a refreshing lemonade, or even a small soup.How much is my acid?
Reflux does not mean an acidosis, but a phenomenon where the esophageal muscles do not function properly and allow gastric acid to go backwards. Diaphragmatic hernia is also common in patients with reflux and very often contributes to the symptoms of reflux. In this case, the upper part of the stomach "slips" in part or all into the pleural space, where the pressure exerts backward stomach contents, causing it to irritate the esophagus and induce gastrointestinal discomfort.Related articles in Reflux:
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