Ticks: when to see a doctor

Ticks: when to see a doctor

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Not only in forest trips, but also in the playground or in our garden, can we meet ticks, so it is important to know what to do in the event of a tick. Dr. János Kárdár, immunologist, infectologist, chief physician of the Immune Center, helped me to find out.

Ticks: when to see a doctor

Get rid of the tick as soon as possible!

With the tick-borne drug available at the pharmacy, anyone can remove the tick, the only thing as soon as possible do so because the risk of infection is greater the longer the mucus stays in the skin. No teasing, no twisting hold it in the part of the larynx and pull it out. Don't worry if your head breaks, it will fall out by itself in a couple of days.

Unusual symptoms in the last few days

Tick-borne viral encephalitis (TBE) is less common, but it is vйdхoltбs. Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium, so it is not possible to prevent it at this time, only to prevent it and to eliminate the tick as quickly as possible. Not all ticks are infected, so it is not always necessary to keep the ticks away from the disease. However, there are some symptoms that require medical attention.


If you fall within a week or two after the drop fever occurs, it may be caused by a local infection due to the sting, or, in severe cases, by a tick-encephalitis. In case of fever, you should always seek medical attention. In tick-borne encephalitis, the fever will initially be mild, and after a few days it will become extremely high, with severe headaches, vomiting, heartburn, and muscle pain. Many are worried if they have symptoms in the days following the drop, but this is not typical of any disease transmitted by ticks.

Price reminder leather

The Lyme Cave does not feel good, on the contrary characteristic skin cause. It is important to know that this can occur not only around the tongue but anywhere on the body, one or more, many, larger than 5cm - many times price reminder leather (erythema migrans). This does not happen with any other symptoms, and will persist for days, weeks and weeks. If the rash, reddening of the skin and itching within a few days, you may have had an allergic reaction or other insect stings. In very rare cases, However, in most cases, the Lyme blot signifies the disease.

As long as you have skin, the treatment will be effective

Because ticks are not sensed and ticks are removed from the skin after a couple of days, we may not even know about ticks, but only when we become aware of the Lyme spot. Dr. Jabnos of Karddar He said that don't worry if you go to a doctor at this point, the treatment you started in a timely manner is absolutely effective. "With the presence of the Lyme spot, we are still on time, and usually require a one to three week antibiotic treatment. The treatment can still be effective if the dropper is followed within a year, but only after a few successful in one part. "(Source: Immune Center)Related articles in Ticks:
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