Santa Claus for kids

Santa Claus for kids

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Not only in the booth, but also at home, we can start with Santa's sayings. We have collected a few proverbs and poems for the Calvary Blood.

Countless verses, sermons were born that relate to Michael or St. Nicholas. The countdown starts for the big day, and in the meantime, let's talk to the kid.
The wind is the main one,
hoolldogбl a hу
he does not regret it, Kъtra kills
Fuck you!
(Zolt Zolt: Mikulab)
The board is old,
he lives on mountains.
Hulbo has his palace,
its nine towers are up.
Michael's Day every year
full of stuff butt,
with honey-honeyed gifts
intend to cross the road.
(Magda Donбszy: Télapуka, old boy)
The Mikulabs are coming fast
a big humpback above his head.
Reindeer have a heart,
hу laces his fur coat.
There's a stone butt on the shoulder,
dumbfucked in the bachelor.
When it comes to you,
your shoes are full of lots of good.
Hey, look, out there,
a Mikulбs nйked int.
(Devecsery Lszszlу: Jцn a Mikulбs)
Come here, Mikulabs!
All children are waiting for you.
Do you knock on every house?
There's a house blood in there.How do you write a comment?
Answer my request!
Your clothes will never be dirty
where do you drop off the kids?
I hope you don't forget me either.
When will you come to me, Santa?
Believe me, I'm really looking forward to it!
Crazy huh
St. Nicholas in the crazy
go for a butt,
and knock on every house,
find every little kid.
White in the wilderness
and everything is fat,
only come, long,
long mouth.Related articles in Mikulabs:
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