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They don't heat the kids in the clinic

They don't heat the kids in the clinic

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Not only the Jnnos Kuhrhazz, but also the Children's Clinic at Tыzoltу Street is not hot.

No heating at Tыzoltу Street Children's Clinic (pictured below)

RTL Club reported with a hidden camera at the Children's Clinic in Tыzoltу Street, after a viewer said it was cold and radiators didn't work. The rotation team found the kids in hats, coats and something cold. In one of the inpatient wards, the air was already warmer. Workers at the pediatric clinic said they were up and running and the system didn't start up. Work began in the spring and has not yet been completed. According to the work, it could take up to a month for the boiler to heat up. It turned out on the weekend that there was no heating in the Janos Kurdo, the boiler went wrong. The RTL Club also asked the Minister Emmi, Zoltá Balog said that the start of the season will be chilly everywhere. The reporter insisted that they were already heating their homes and that central heating was already on. Where it is needed to turn it on and where the heat does not work because it has not been put into operation, it should be turned on as quickly as possible - the minister said йpьletbe. We also suggest that alternative methods be used to provide warmth, e.g. with oil radiators, air conditioning. They do their best to get the job done by the start of the heating season.
- What's the ideal temperature in the apartment?
- You have the right to stay with the child in the hospital!


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