With baby bottle

With baby bottle

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While breastfeeding babies always have fresh food at their fingertips, nutritional babies can start off a bit more for the longer term.

Can we get our usual diet at our holiday destination, or do we have to carry the necessary amount from home? How do we prepare the formula there? To do this, it is not enough to pour warm water from the water tap into the baby bottle, and you will need a water kettle and a thermos. The thermos can store boiled and slightly chilled water for up to half a day, and the baby bottle can be pre-filled with powder. Screw on top and fill with hot water immediately before consumption. That way, you can get enough for the whole day. If you are uncertain about the quality of your holiday in the water, you can also use baby water for nutritional purposes. It is more difficult to keep the pre-cooked formula fresh, cool, and warm, unsafe. When traveling, we also need to bring the sterilizer with us to cook the bottles.