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Even forty-fifty years ago, a quarter of diabetic mothers became pregnant with fetal deaths. Today, however, women with this disease do not have to give up childbirth.

One of the most important tasks is to educate a woman who wants to have a child. Because complicated metabolic changes associated with diabetes-related pregnancy pose a risk to the unborn child, care should be taken before the planned pregnancy. If ill women do so, their condition is not a danger to either the fetus or the mother. Pregnancy-free pregnancy can be a precondition for caring for pregnant women, adjusting sugar metabolism before, during, and after pregnancy. Blood glucose values ​​should be around 6-7 mmol / l. Particular attention should be paid to women who have had unfortunate pregnancies.


Diabetic women can be classified into eight groups based on their disease progression (according to White):
  • Egyedьl, diйtбval is a well-balanced chemical diabetes test that can be started at any age and can last for any length of time, confirmed by a laboratory test before pregnancy.
  • Insulin treatment is required just before pregnancy, when diabetes starts after the age of 20 or less than a decade.
  • 10-19. It starts between life or lasts 10-19 years.
  • Begins before age 10, or longer than 20 years; or chronic high blood pressure or rethinopathy.
  • Vesebetegsйg.
  • Koszorъйr-betegsйg.
  • Rethinopathy is above.
  • The patient fell renally. (I mentioned here that every 50th transplant patient can have a successful birth.)
When diabetic women become aware of a pregnancy, they should seek immediate medical attention so that their care team (including non-pregnant eye care, cardiologists, nephrology) is properly treated. It was performed at specified times ultrahangvizsgбlatok they help determine the age of the pregnancy and also to recognize the abnormalities at an early age. (Ultrasound examination of butterfly flow also provides accurate clarification on these) Diabetes control should be optimized throughout pregnancy. In order for this to be achieved, the baby must also learn a blood glucose measurement. You may also need two injections of insulin daily, which you need to inject yourself. You should also learn how to change your dose of insulin. Blood glucose values ​​should always be kept within the normal range. An exception to this is the immediate post-mortem result when slightly higher values ​​are allowed.It is important to have a small-eyed test in the early stages of pregnancy and in recent weeks. If retinopathy is detectable at the beginning of pregnancy, more frequent monitoring should be performed as it can be considered as a rapid deterioration. The white urine of nephropathic diabetic women may be accompanied by severe fetal abnormalities. This change may also include high blood pressure in pregnant mothers, which can cause fetal death in the fetus. (Prevention of fetal malignancies is based on teamwork, which is based on close cooperation between diabetics, obstetrics, PIC centers, and pediatricians.) at the beginning) called so-called monitoring. Birth usually occurs through the vaginal tract, unless other acute intrauterine or obstetric reasons change it. Even vaginal, or surgical births, glucose levels should be checked thoroughly. The right amount of sugar is infused into the body. Most diabetic mothers bring newborn babies over four thousand grams, which require more attention than the average. However, this does not mean that their status is inadequate. Careful pediatric observation will immediately detect and correct any abnormalities. Blood glucose levels should be checked regularly, especially with regard to anxious infants, as hypoglycaemia may continue to occur more frequently. Therefore, only the mother can apply these genes to her afterlife.
  • Since 1980, the number of diabetic cases has increased worldwide
  • Diabetes Levels During Pregnancy Predicts Adult Diabetes
  • Let's balance it!
  • "Miracles" do not cure diabetes

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