The biggest sample of motherhood

The biggest sample of motherhood

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Even though the ink was barely dry on my diploma, I was 22 years old and just waiting to become a full-time, over-the-top apprentice.

Is it harder for young mothers?

I had almost nothing - especially no money when my pregnancy test got positive in the spring. I cried a lot. I had plenty of reasons for Listing, but most of all, it was in my mind: I can never do what I want, I can never be the person I want to be. Because everywhere you hear, you just have to clean yourself before you make a baby. I remember when I was expecting a woman in the "Maternity Boots List" as I read, I felt worse and worse with each empty square. I haven't traveled, I've not parachuted, I've never had a full stop. I was crying out loud.Sometimes I still feel bad when I see my twenty-year-old friends with their own list and plans that they will put into effect before choosing a mother. This is a mint - a well-minted mint that makes me start singing out loud: my life doesn't endMy life really doesn't end there. It was a fact that because of my motherhood I had to grow up quickly. A little man kept staring at me, watching my behavior every minute, so I needed to be better. I was hoping that I could do better. I was hoping for a more relaxed personality, though it was really motherhood that started the fire. But I wasn't alone with that. Just think of the many business books that give you what it is like to be a parent. Or think about the groups and associations that all came about because of their mothers. Then think about how boring your life would be if you had achieved the goals you wanted to achieve, and now your life would stagnate. It takes patience and perseverance to reach your goals, ahead of the obstacles. I learned one thing: it is not stereotypes that determine our actions, this is only suggested by society. You can always expect to finish your studies or start a new business or do something special in the world. It is always alright, either independently or perhaps because you have children. It has been a long time since I held the pregnancy test and imagined my future. But I did everything I wanted to, so that a little person was terrified of me, watched my behavior, and saw how I became who I always wanted to be. The author's blog is here.They may also be interested in maternity:
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