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Stormy birth - a true story from a father's perspective

Stormy birth - a true story from a father's perspective

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Our second colleague Simon Benjmin wrote the birth of a second child. It is also worth reading for anyone who is still planning a baby, and for the smiled and touched one who is already out in the open.

Stormy birth - a true story from a father's perspective

Although two years had passed since the birth of Balazs, our second baby boy, I was alive in my life. To our great surprise, well ahead of schedule the picur thought he was just starting and expanding.

Thursdays 3:00

My wife woke me up with her headbands, and I slept about 1.5 hours ago, so I wanted to tell you to lie back and think. I was immediately told that "you stupid thing is not a joke, more than half of his lamb was up and down, they don't even die".
By and large, it has fallen on both of us that this is now not really a joke and it is not really good hunchback.


Mйregetьnk. 4 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 9 Minutes, 7 Minutes - Not too standard, but what's up now?
Little chord: We were officially calculated for early October, at week 36 for conception, and week 34 for ultrasound data. This is just the end of the prematurity, so there was something to worry about.
I turned on the machine and searched for the village information, they had a number somewhere, but neither of us knew where.


After the port's second turn, he managed to talk to a nurse who immediately set us up to see and tell us what the situation was, and maybe even to talk to the little one "for a week or so!" We packed it quickly, we called our grandparentsto see who should come up. My grandmother and my grandmother also prepared and targeted Pest.


The taxi arrived, my wife sneaked alone and headed to the hospital. I stayed home with my older son.
Funny, because we'd be saving to see the baby in the future, so when she got in, she was a little bit confused and she found the nightmare team.


I get the news: Based on the ultrasound examination they found the baby okay, may be born in the hospital (the examination also found that there is no return, here today will be a child, to our experts: 4 cm open lamb), but if something was not right, you would have to go to another hospital where you are and they have the right tools) for adopting a premature baby.


Nothing, I'm expecting my grandmother at home to take care of Bani, and my wife got a nursing home inside the house.


Awake Bani, I'm waiting a bit, she can fall asleep, but no, she's looking for a mother. I went in, so that I could convince myself that I was still out in the dark, that we would sit back and sleep. I thought that this would not be reversible anymore. out that today the little baby is bornGrandma comes and she'll be with you, Dad goes in with Mom. The kid is silent, a little silent, and then she talks to YOU! (I seriously believe he understood what I said!) Then without pause he continued, "Let's play!" :) (He said, but he didn't care about me at a level where he had a lot of fun.)
We started to beg, and here I was to call the lady below us to forgive the jerk.


The grandmother arrived, Dad could go wherever he wanted, the kid immediately started to beat his aunt and mum. I packed it up, finished it and found it. Mom was really expecting.


I entered, we got our room, we were talking. There are always 5-minute cubs, if we can go so far as not to be born on Thursdays. The cobwebs are a bit stronger, but nothing serious.


It's always 5 minutes, now we're asking. Around ~ 6cm, around 13 should be achieved.

Körьlbelьl 9:00

It could have been a fracture, quite painful, and it came back with light, pointed eyes.


The events accelerated, not a little, exponentially rising foxes (the reaction was about to filter this out) for a mother, never, lying, lying, in a ball, standing, not a fag, a cat, a FAB,. And I'm just helpless. You can't do what you do, you stand, you talk, you reassure, you're ready, if you have a lull you catch it. Listen to reactions that may come from a rude, unfortunate, unconventional style, and let go of the rest.


We got sore, the doc asked if he could have few drugs, but then the pain threshold (and many more) could be tested. Binin, the firstborn son, "I laughed all the way through this episode of amniotic fluid leakage."
So I notice that the injection is not working, or there are things going on there that I don't even know how sensitive it is. Based on what you see I've been hiring people before! In fact, the translucent voices of moms who are moving to more rooms do not sink to life.

Körьlbelьl 10:00

Beetle about 8 cm. According to the parents, by 12, you will have the little one. All sorts of boards are coming, gas, turkey ... Everything you need is in there, the doc comes in, checks, and then tells you that "almonds" will soon start. Mom is very ready now.

Körьlbelьl 10:30 am

Everyone is a nurse present, pediatrician, assistant, obstetrician. I remember there were 4 or 5 outbound "waves". In between she is on a level that she is not exactly in the middle of being a parent! But when the pressure comes, you won't believe it unless you see it! What you see in the movies is nothing, bitchy! a little bit - holding this head there, I can barely breathe, oh, and my hushes are pushing the kid out of 2 or 3 of these waves the kid's head appeared, again, if you're not there, you can't believe it! You are scared, scared, worried, proud, and proud of yourself that you are standing there and you are still unconscious. The adrenaline rushes.
Mom is relaxing, docs calm down, explaining once again: don't let the air out, squeeze, squeeze - explain simply. We are two such damage and ready!


Simon Balazs has arrived. You can be any kind of chubby kisser, if you are here and see your child, you will cry! You make it easy, the parody looks like a parking lot for the IFA that has been charged so far, crazy and pride: yes, this was done by my son and my wife, and now I'm lying in front of it.
Very very I'm proud of them And the unbelievable happiness that you feel so much, you cannot comprehend!
How big can this baby be !?


9 points for the 10-point Apgar test, just because of the leather. Doctors say this kid is not so small, what does the doc ask us: boy? That's it! My mother is resting on the little baby in the middle, cutting off the umbilical cord, "birthing" the placenta, doing their job, and seeing the pumpkin kid and her mom.


Bath, hair cleansing, refreshment, balance (2590g), length (51cm) and other details, then diapers, rubs and go back to meet the baby. A nice owr, a guy barбtkozunk, send or 100 sms, wondering, oh but tiny.

Körьlbelьl 1:50 p.m.

The little one was taken down to the class because she was premature. But everything was okay, it didn't go to the incubator, but 3 ounces of glucose were checked. That is why they make our return home dependent on the baby, if the baby is developing well and his / her values ​​are good, then we may miss Sunday or Monday.


We got back a drop of Balsam, we have to try to suck it, presumably this foreclosure, a good little sugar-rich substance for them. Your hair still has some honey, which makes it almost like a punk. Your nose is flat and big like a boxer for at least 10 years, please! Her ears, like her bastard, his mother's, must be beaten! The hair has since been trained and the "no" has learned very quickly, and with her brother, they have given us real training.Related articles:


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