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I want to do a job like my parents ... The well-defined parenting principles and goals before childbirth are leaning against the baby. Everyone wants to raise a perfect child. But what does this mean to you? How much rigor do you need?

Whose good is the nursery?

The dreams of the perfect child, the perfect baby, and the family harmony can even come true. But what exactly does this word mean to us: EXCELLENT We may have thought about our parenting, parenting methods, on one of the rough, sad days of our childhood. "I will never do so with my child like my parents. I will do just that!" This "mpc" usually involves more leniency, a better heartand the less time elapsed before the first child is born, the more alive this memory and the intention of the other person is. it will be better. She will be happy, balanced, admired and admired by her parents, all in all, she will be a delirious child. The reasoning and the conclusion are logical. If that worked, the result for a few generations would be so perfect for the child that the topic could be off the agenda.

Visitors voted: be the kid if he grows up!

We were curious as to what educational goals parents consider the most important today. We asked what the child should be when he grew up.- Dedication and endurance are 18 percent,
- obedience and system 1 per cent,
- creativity and talent 23 percent,
- Sensitivity and Help 13 percent,
- 23 percent of confidence and ambition,
- Openness and co-operation 22 percent…
elected it out of 2263 votes.It is interesting that the obedience and the system proved to be an absolute loser, which was the slogan of the last century. It was not only in Germany that children were raised to be commanding, belligerent, accurate and systematic soldiers, and conscientious women. Perhaps even in today's parents' ears, the saying goes, "Listen to your child!" "Order is the soul of everything." creativity, furniture, self-confidence and goal-setting were considered the most important nowadays is one of the most fashionable items. Is it possible, however, that all parents are desperate for obedient, systematic, well-controlled children? At least, this can be inferred from the fact that sooner or later, most parents begin to complain and become insecure if their child defies control and, for example, does not want to sleep all night or not.

Baby book books

In the XVII-XVIII. Since the twentieth century, there are books that provide mothers with helpful tips on parenting and care. It is instructive to compare what issues these publications have dealt with long ago, and what they have done in the last few years. Probably, no such thing arose, because the little ones slowly grew up on their own at the family table, where only the richer ones were big favorites. this topic is becoming more and more important from the very beginning, but the request for breastfeeding is being pushed down. Not only are chapters dedicated to baby nutrition and sleep, they are increasingly devoting a whole book to these questions. In advanced countries, mortality, harmlessness or well-treatable illnesses are significantly reduced - throat throat is fortunately not a concern. However, in these countries, the average and this has led to a tremendous increase in parents' interest in books and courses that will help to perfectly raise that one or two children. dr. Dead His bestseller in 1894 began the line by first recommending a strictly kept schedule, feeding on time, and beginning to become accustomed to room cleanliness at about a month. For the purpose of preventing infections, childhood kissing was forbidden (this idea was liked by Nazi Nursing Principalologist too, just refined: let's not kiss her so she won't be a mother soldier, an endangered child) .As a pediatrician, he has advanced from his role as a specialist in diseases to the Family Education Advisory Board. You have nothing in the literary rarity! The book has been sold in millions of copies, and generations have grown up on it. Among others Benjamin Spockot she was also raised by this mother based on this outstanding work. Spock wrote the baby book that has been sold in the largest number of copies since the Bible. Your education has reached new frontiers: х he encouraged parents to have confidence in themselvesbecause they know more than they think. Even though Spock is too lenient with children and parents, nowadays they seem to be very rigid and limited. Nowadays, two bodies struggle with alternating fever: one can observe a renaissance of rigorous doctrines, customarily, especially when it comes to sleep and nutrition. The message from the other directorate: do not take the opinions of any experts seriously! Your child is best known to you. Love it without any conditions. Don't let rules and rules ruin the joy your child gets.


Today, baby books are one hundred times more likely to affect future moms bulvбrvilбg. An incalculable daily, weekly and monthly magazine, web site, and news and news series let us hear the news from the bigger stars - especially if they are just baby, just born "home." Because these pregnancies are all without exception, one gram will not remain on them after childbirth, and babies will sleep indefinitely, and they will not eat anything, they are unacceptable, unbelievable. How much of the news is true, who is behind? How obligatory is the perfect image of the Great Star for the immaculate baby? What influences our views more: is the news that we have heard, which is of course very interesting, not all of us would have gotten our heads around, or the experts who are knowledgeable and knowledgeable of the true nature of babies?

Children's room?

It was still commonplace that all the family members used a place, and even in the Middle Ages the family slept in the same bed with the servants, and the well-being of the homes was thoroughly refurbished. THE children's room appearance And his triumph is a great symbol of the duality of today's parents' relationship with their children. She decided to give her everything that came with material and comfort: a nursery with a small empire, beautiful furniture, a mass of toys, colorful, fun additions. feel and love her. So, by its very nature, by its biological nature, infants expecting to be close to the body, the body, and the baby in the dorm room, have to look like a pet when it is old. Expect him to sleep well with no sock and snooze and possibly occupy himself alone forever. We were really looking forward to it, we really wanted it to be, giving it everything, but not letting it go too far.

What we are talking about

Parents were quite right to fear that their children would die before reaching the age of three. Today, the parents are independent of losing their livelihoods and the comfort of their children, and the cult of the observer hurries to help with this. The fall is not too obvious. It's simple! Many parents do not sleep with their children because they are afraid that they will never be able to put the little one away. Some professionals approve of blogging, noting that sleeping also increases the risk of sudden death, that is to say, the smallest resident in the family. He solved the idea of ​​a flaming monitor, which, of course, cannot be installed on a parent's bed, only on a baby. And if we had such a dumb and trustworthy baby boy, why not invest a little in the nursery? If there is a problem and then the signal is given, you can jump out of the bed, then run overnight, even multiples! Other professionals also suggest the opposite and call attention to the human infant nature, currency needs. Imagine for a moment, what a million years ago it would have been like to have a baby, if you just put it down somewhere and leave it! Ancient reflex in every baby to prevent this with a bitter bump. In the meantime, even though they are picked up, they are breastfeeding, even with their tiny hands, they get proof that everything is okay and safe. He does not rest on the knowledge that a monitor has been placed underneath, and does not know that his comfortable room can not contain either an angry elephant or a cave bear. For me, the mother is still breastfeeding, and her parents are comforting in the world. It doesn't value super baby, macky tapestry, or musical chicken. Not to mention the flaming watch.

And there are kids!

There are lucky parents who still have no problem in the first few weeks or months. The baby sleeps nicely at night, barely sleeps, sleeps a lot, grows well, and does not care for her parents. We, adults, are different from each other, infants' bloodshots are also different. Does a parent who doesn't sleep with their child make a mistake? Of course not! Because ancient behavioral patterns make the baby search for body proximity, it is not certain that all children will experience this or that, in our current circumstances, every baby would. There is also a child who is terribly saddened and then falls asleep by himself if he is put down. We have to find the solution that is most suitable for ourselves. It is not certain that the parents' abilities and parenting methods depend on the behavior of the baby. It is true that the Szlli experience has a lot to do with it. The second, third child, usually has a lighter job. Confidence also radiates to the baby, and he or she will be more relaxed. Sometimes, however, it turns out that the fourth child is the one who makes the most of his or her parenting ability. All the kids!

Did it happen the way you imagined it?

Of course not! For surely we would not have spent thousands upon thousands of things, if we knew that the little one needed something like this, rather the bigger one, that we should all be comfortable, you do everything you can to give your child the best, money doesn't count, is ready for parenting and revitalization classes, reads baby books, goes to a specialist if they get stuck. Then, just in time, our newborn arrives and we have to keep in touch with us. Х - unlike us - works very simply and wants clear things. Just mommy, but twenty times in Ur. By contrast, what does the new mother think and feel when her newborn life begins with the Newborn? She is very happy for the baby, happy to be healthy and well. But I'm worried that the baby will continue to cry when she is laid down and will not sleep as much as the baby books say she should be (in the case of babies, the expectation is between twenty and twenty a day, not much less in the next few months). Milk must be low! Fuck your belly with lots of milk! Your bed is in the wrong place, too hot or too cold! Noise disturbs, pee diaper! It is superfluous to list, as there is practically nothing different from the idea of ​​an ideal baby just eating, sleeping, and smiling, as he diminishes the uncertainty and the sadness of his mother-in-law. Not only is it easy to be insecure in the weeks following birth, I can state this in my own parenting career. The expectation is outrageous, a lot of pressure on my mom: they must be full and happy, and the baby must be full and happy, complain, bust, fall out. Most of the others do not realize that these feelings, uncertainties, are natural features of the master craftsmanship. No, at first glance, as we depart from the full body, the comment is ready: you're not a good mom!

Disappointed in the cube?

Yes, this is the word we use when something goes wrong with our expectations. But for our own child, we can't even say take it back, swap it for someone who has lived less, smiles more, doesn't fall as well, and kicks every day, not just every ten days. Because of this exchange, nobody really thinks about it because everyone loves it, loves their child, would do anything for it. suppose you have awakened your whole family many times at night, and you have just popped the cup and there is a sticky stick under the table. Surely there is a patient mother who smiles gently even then, and not only knows, but also believes that it is only a few minutes and the end of the seizure, the child will be kind and affectionate again, and it will take up to two minutes. But perhaps this patient mother would throw in the trap, if at this moment someone would quietly remark next to her: "You see, I always said this when I was afraid to keep up and worry about everything!" The kid is not used to order, discipline, or a favored little tyrant! It doesn't take much power to figure out that this patient mom is going through very difficult moments now. And, dear Reader? What would you say to your mom? How easy it is to cut off the whimsy, aren't you?

Who is right in education?

Let's return for a moment to the grieving child we once were, and who had decided to raise a child as a helpless parent. Remember how confident he was. Why? They were pure source information about what a child really is! He knew his desires and his disappointments, and he saw in Christianity where his parents were to make mistakes because a child had extraordinary antennas for his parents' weaknesses. But he is sure that he did not order and discipline in his former great sorrow, so who is right now? Listen to your heart more oftenbecause you are advised! It's an interesting thing to listen to everyone, and it would be a good idea to miss out on a lot of baby books. But before we commit ourselves to deeds, or before we become truly desperate, let us ask you: - What is most disturbing about the current situation?
- Did it happen to me in my childhood? What did they do to me then?
- What are the solutions? What results can you expect from different interventions?
- What would we do best among these?
- What would our mother have done in a similar situation a million years agoWhen we answer the last question, we may be smarter, and come to the point that we don't want to, but we are too big. Let's start by saying that we are just too good for our own child.

Kirby was not surprised

Kirбly Йvi she smiles at her Blanka, tummy Olivйr. How did they survive the baby's election? Did you get what you meant? Are you a mother of two children? Now since you have already pocaklakу is the hбrom hуnapos, йs big grins on йneklх, nyьzsgх, хt цlelgetх йs puszilgatу nхvйrkйjйre, akitхl mindцssze mбsfйl йvnyi korkьlцnbsйg vбlasztja el.- I'm not saying there is a day when the legszнvesebben belekiabбlnбm vilбgba to kйrek szйpen цt minutes csцndet and peace of mind. But that is not the characteristic. My friends, who were born with little discomfort, made me realize that they would not be light, sometimes very caring for their hair. So I thought it was much worse that I wasn't pregnant, even though I went on maternal-fetal training, pregnant with my mother, as with Blank. To tell the truth, we were worried about my boss, Szilбrddalthat we're going to get along with our little surprise baby Blanka, who's so small. As the months went by, I became more and more aware that I was going to skin, and even better! Now I'm very happy with my kids, I think I'm lucky because everything goes smoothly. I worked with Blank a lot and he was a relaxed, easy-to-handle baby. I never insisted on plans, preconceptions, though I read a lot about this topic. I let her set up our agenda. I had to wonder that this wouldn't work with two kids. The first weeks passed in a terrible confrontation. So I sat down and made the agenda, and now we stick to it. Szilard anesthetizes Blank with Estine, and Oliver anesthetizes. Once again, the consonance is complete, we try to meet the needs of all of our children, and I really recommend that I feel so good in the middle. It certainly has to do with the fact that I too grew up in a family. We are so brothers, so I guess it couldn't have been such a big surprise. Somehow, I knew what the kids were like, and I didn't have a hard time adjusting to them. Related articles:
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