Tips: How to Get Pregnant Easier

You've been trying for awhile, but you still have only one pregnancy test? Here's some advice worthy of you.

1. Go to the doctor

Before you embark on a baby project, it is worthwhile to go to your nursing home. Go with your doctor all the way to your hospital. Here, too, there are some internal medicine problems or genetic risks that can either make it difficult for you to become pregnant or just as well if you are clear.

2. Ideal body weight

Not to say that you have to be exactly how stupid you are, as it depends on many things, but it is worth getting in good shape with you. That is, don't be very lean, but you don't have too many gaps, because this can cause infertility problems. Your body mass index should be between 20-25.

3. Discard the cigarette

You may not have to stress it out, but experience has shown that you always have to speak out loud that if you want a couple, you should stop smoking. One of the reasons you are reducing your chances of becoming pregnant. If you are a strong bagu, you can grumble at yourself now that it is easy to say that, but… But if you are serious about having a baby, you have to sacrifice this health for it. Do you need more motivation to stop this bad habit?

4. Less alcohol

You don't have to switch to abstinence altogether if you are just planning a baby, but take it back with the big parties. One or two glasses of good quality wine will not be bearable, but massive alcoholic drinks can be worthwhile at weekends. And the same goes for your spouse, your future daddy!

5. Winter or spring is your season

Sperms are abundant in the winter and spring, so it is worth taking a look at these periods. Which is not that bad, because when you fly outside, you have to talk to your lover in the warm room.

6. The ovulatory cycle

If you can keep it in your head, that's great, but feel free to keep it in your calendar or download an ovulation app. There is a lot to find on both iOS and Android that will help you not to miss out on the days you are most productive.

7. Then have sex

If you already have the app, make sure you try to be together for a few days before and after ovulation. It doesn't sound too romantic at first, but it's not that crazy.