This is how the baby's eyesight develops

This is how the baby's eyesight develops

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Even in the womb, the fetus senses a difference between darkness and lightness, like light on the abdominal wall when the mother is sunbathing.

She was born from the moment she was born, but sharply in the first month only about twenty inches away from the face, the rest a little blurry before him. The mother usually bends involuntarily to her baby. I am tempted occasionally because my muscles are not capable of continuous, coordinated work.The second day of the month most babies find joy in visualizing their faces. The small details are still overlooked. Adults with hunched eyes, exaggerated mimicry, and highly rounded, tongue-in-cheek mouth - again, adapt only to the baby's abilities.

What makes this glamorous eye work?

The third day it recognizes familiar faces on the face - but by its hearing and smelling it is "well-rounded" with security a long time ago. She is also happy to move objects, hands or toys, close to her eyes, to follow her eyes and eyes.
At six months old he was now so sharp that he noticed the jerky fly or the tiniest crumb on the carpet.
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