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Suitability for Family Planners!

Suitability for Family Planners!

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At work, we must undergo a medical aptitude test. It is also natural for a driver to control our capacity. It is a paradox that our largest business, childhood, is not preceded by an aptitude test.

With the help of family planning, using up-to-date, effective knowledge and techniques, prospective parents can do much to improve their children's health and physical and mental abilities. The purpose of positive family planning is to ensure that children have the optimum conditions for their development and birth.
Having a child is one of the biggest companies in our lives; strange thing is that for the most part, there was no other way to check the aptitude for parenthood, family planning. A family planning aptitude test conducted in the 1984 Family Planning Service (now at the National Institute for Child Welfare) offers the opportunity to do so.

When can we say he is fit?

Quality family planning helps children to become healthier in the world, reducing the rate of congenital malformations, premature birth, and utter pregnancy.
The family-friendly model for this design is three-fold and ъn. begins with a aptitude test. This is followed by three months of preparation for conception. Finally, the program ends with increased protection for early pregnancy, targeting and referral to maternity care.
The family planning aptitude test consists of several components and includes:
  • clarification of genetic aptitude,
  • pregnancy aptitude test,
  • screening for sexually transmitted diseases,
  • examining the aptitude of a family designer,
  • psychosexual aptitude assessment,
  • exclude your danger.
The charting of family planning ability at this point is the task of the qualified program executors; structured interviews, questionnaires, lab tests help. This can be done by special medical consultation: genetic counseling, gynecology, andrology, sexual medicine, psychiatry, psychology.

Can you change the greens?

Genetic aptitude is based on the acquisition and evaluation of the family of family designers. The fraudulent location of anomalies and illnesses can help to clarify the origin and thus make it possible to distinguish between (genetic), complex, and acquired illnesses. In complex illnesses (eg, high blood pressure, depression, allergies), family planning attitudes call the attention of family planners to a higher risk than planned children. Both the deleterious external effects (which alter the hereditary predisposition to the disease) and the protective effects that can prevent the predisposition to the predisposition are discussed.
In case of a genetic problem, and if the family designer is over 35 years old, genetic counseling should be sought. If there is a serious danger of a family being harmed, the geneticist will give you advice. The practitioner will give you an accurate picture of the likelihood of this disease occurring and answer the important question as to whether the problem can be prevented.
If the family planner is suffering from a disease that affects the delivery of the pregnancy (eg diabetes, epilepsy), preliminary examination and treatment should be done to prepare for the pregnancy.

Healthy, not sick

Recognition of sexually transmitted diseases and treatment of infections in the case of infections are very important for success. The aptitude test for a family designer is, in effect, a check on gender. Fertilization and infections can be eliminated by sperm testing.
Since conception is the result of sexual activity, it is essential to question the issue of sexual life and sexual harmony when assessing aptitude. If there is a problem with light during this time, then we will refer the family to sex planners.
Certain diseases (such as viruses) during pregnancy may cause fetal abnormalities or congenital malformations. Therefore, it is important to clarify, before the conception, the feminine rubella (varicella) and varicella (varicella) defects before conception. In case of dental illness (if you have not fallen ill or have not been vaccinated), an emergency vaccination is recommended before the accident.
It is better to detect any "inadequacy" of family planning before pregnancy, eliminate the risks, or at least limit them. This can also expose you to the risk of having a difficult pregnancy and prevent a lot of failed pregnancies; and, last but not least, make a health-conscious and informed couple about family planning art.


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