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Vaccination: It was also registered in Italy

Vaccination: It was also registered in Italy

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From now on, an unvaccinated child cannot go to Italian school, and a temporary decree of the Minister of Health has come to an end, exempting parents who refuse compulsory vaccinations.

Vaccination: It was also registered in ItalyOlaszorszбgban mбrcius 10 to уta only vaccinated children jбrhatnak tanintйzmйnyekben, miutбn lejбrt temporary rendelkezйse the Minister egйszsйgьgyi, which gave the felmentйst kцtelezх vйdхoltбsokat megtagadу szьlхknek that their children can oltбs nйlkьl нrathassak iskolбba - use the the kцtelezх vйdхoltбsokra vonatkozу szabбlyozбst 2017 However, by law, only those who have received mandatory immunizations are allowed to go to school. The law was tightened after Roberto Burioni Professor Microbiologist-Virologist pointed out that the proportion of people who were vaccinated against the curve was still below the level of Ghana and in Namibia. As jуl lбtszik abbуl is that you have already Olaszorszбgban was also kanyarуjбrvбny.A tцrvйny However szigorнtбsбnak folyamatбt megtцrte kormбnyvбltбs of the larger koalнciу pбrtja, known as one of the tбrsalapнtуja Цt Star Movement йrvйnyes oltбsellenes.Az idйn mбrcius 10 felmentйst egyйbkйnt the entire medical tudomбnyos йs the community was deeply incensed because they believe the fire's progress has been destroyed. "We should reinforce this, not weaken it," Burioni said. And schools began to apply for vaccination certificates every week, and in Bologna, for example, 300 schoolchildren were banned from attending school - according to local authorities, there were at least 5,000 children in the city.
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