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Do you suspect you are allergic? That's the way to go

Do you suspect you are allergic? That's the way to go

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Why and how is it worth examining your child if every symptom suggests that you have a food allergy? Why is it important that you were allergic to the family?

Do you suspect you are allergic? That's the way to go

Requests that are important to clear, especially if you have allergy symptoms in the form of eczema in infancy. Dr. Ragу Zsuzsanna, a research and development manager at the Children's Hospital of Svabhegy. On the skin as early as 6 months old, there were dry, blotchy, slightly itchy areas, which are more pronounced after daily bathing. Eczema may be the first sign of allergic disease in infancy.Panni received only breast milk until the age of six, the diet started with summer fruits, and then cooked with greens, chicken and turkey. Family members regularly consume dairy products. Panni still has a non-drinking milk content, the mother gives her a hypoallergenic diet, and she also uses it in her diet to reduce the likelihood of her allergy from developing Pannin. Anna has 6-year-old symptoms of blanching and mild asthma during May-June-July, when the grasses bloom. The 36-year-old daddy is allergic, teenager early in the night with relief, itchy eyes, runny nose, throat itching (sneezing) that disturbs the summer-early fall period. The 34-year-old mother is healthy, although she avoids flour-based foods in recent years, and since she feels better because of abdominal bloating, parents are curious about what Pannin can do.

How to test carefully?

A skin test in a 1-year-old child (where many dermatitis occur, and even after a 20-minute bleeding may cause uncomfortable symptoms in the toddler) is not advised, but a dermatologist is recommended to treat a patient with a stool. It is important to know - and it may sound new - but Panni, even though she has not consumed milk, may be sensitive to milk or other whites. Because in the environment, in the air of the home, milk and other food proteins are present, which can be absorbed into the body and cause the allergy to dry skin. , is a sensitive milk protein molecule. In addition, egg white has a positive IgE specific result. Everything else was fine. So far, we can give parents the advice that their dairy products can be cooked and cooked in a heat-treated state.

The dilemma

What should we advise on eggs? Avoid it completely, and do not eat egg food at all? Do you have any egg allergies or are you facing just one of the elevated lab values? There was no rash, no swelling of the lips, tongue, or vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain in the baby. Perhaps the dry skin of the skin is a little more itchy. Let's see Panni's same sample of egg white components in molecular allergy diagnostics! The egg white has a heat-sensitive component, the ovomucoid, and has a heat-variable, abnormal part of the ovalbumin. In the course of the investigation, only this last one for Panni was a medium rise above the threshold. We recommend that parents consume Panni with both milk and egg-based foods, but only after cooking and roasting. At least three times a week, at the dose you have discussed with your doctor, make sure you give him this kind of food, which is how we get our body used to these whites. kinхhetх. Of course, you need to go through a biannual checkup to see your doctor seeing the improvement in your symptoms and laboratory results.
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