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5 things that can help with post-cesarean section regeneration

5 things that can help with post-cesarean section regeneration

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How can you promote regeneration after cesarean section? Would you like some helpful tips for post-operative healing? We help you!

Post-cesarean dressing may take a long time. It may take up to a year for the scar to heal, but it may take longer for the muscles and nerves to regenerate. How can you help post-cesarean section regeneration? Here are 5 tips that can help.

1. Choose the right coat!

Cesarean section is a serious surgical procedure, so you have to treat your stomach wound very carefully until complete healing. It is important that you do not rub this lightweight area on your trousers or linen, and be careful to provide an ideal (well ventilated, dry) environment for wound healing. You choose a specialty high waist whitewhich is specifically recommended by manufacturers after abdominal surgery. It is important that the undergarments are securely, comfortable and gently tucked into the skin, do not pinch anywhere, but also provide proper support.

2. Barn!

Crying and holy can be very unpleasant after cesarean section. It can be a great help if you squeeze a pillow in your stomach and let it out. If your wound hurts, baby, put your knee up, fold in a small cushion and put it under your knee to relieve your discomfort.

3. Get up and come!

It is important that you start moving as soon as possible after surgery! If you ask for a cupcake mom, you will be sure to say that after a cupcake you will get the first heaviest and longest in the bathroom. Worth it sooner! Remember: these initial steps are also the path to your healing! As a first step, it is worth taking a small bathroom step, which should be placed next to the bed so that you do not have to step up so much. A little idea, such as writing a book for your life, can help you bring it up easier. Although it may seem like a bounty for the money, if you have the opportunity to do so, try the exercise routines suggested by your physiotherapist to improve your regeneration and circulation, and improve your breathing.

4. It's time for the broth!

Adding a lot of care to your recovery will add a lot to your regeneration. Flesh and bone broth are found in the order of long-lasting centuries in corpulent patients, which is also common to the body and the animals. These soups are nourishing, fortifying, easy to digest, and scientifically proven to have a sedative and anti-inflammatory effect. The collagen found in the flesh and bone broth is converted to gelatin, which contains several important amino acids, and these amino acids play an important role in rebuilding the body's own normal state.

5. Take care of handling the violin!

Not only during the healing process, but also afterwards, is it important to deal with the scaby scar! You should use an infectious dressing that is non-allergenic, non-staining, does not discolour the wound area, and also promotes wound healing. If your wound is healed (about 2-3 weeks after surgery), also start scarring, which helps improve circulation, reduce pain, relieve joints and help with a number of problems.
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