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Vulnerability - Tips from our readers can help

Vulnerability - Tips from our readers can help

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What have you experienced from pregnancy-related nausea? Does it have to be accounted for closest? Do you know something that will alleviate the problem? - Kitti asked our readers.

Nothing worked

Nothing was left of my first baby, almost a miracle that I didn't go to church. I barely knew at the end of the day, I was so weak. Nothing was good for me. Now, though, I can count it in one hand, I have been lying to her all the time. Fortunately I am fortunate to have only minor complaints at times like fat and stomach. Just head up, since every pregnancy is different.

Causes of vomiting

Double bubble

Interestingly, cold carbonated drinks have helped me and my interest rates temporarily. I only swear by the cola, and swear by the ring, and the other by the succulent orange. The book is not good!

English Friends

Check out Not that Americans already know about the cause and cure for cure for obesity, but you get a lot of ideas! There is also a question book that you can fill out to help with your research. You can tell your girl much more about this!


For my first pregnancy, I had to stay in the hospital for a week because of losing weight. Infuse, relax. He also had nausea afterwards, but over time passed away. Three years later, my second pregnancy was really bad. Then I wound up in the hospital for three weeks. I received an infusion every other day. I used to get kefir during the hospital period. I had never eaten such a thing before, but the point was that it calmed my stomach, so that the vomiting slowly stopped. Now I'm expecting a third, no signs of being sick.


My doctor suggested a special, fast-absorbing diet, officially known as "medicine". Even though I missed this, but as long as I stayed in, all of my bones were absorbed. There are already some fruit yoghurt in this family.

Don't fight!

If you have to, give it up. Think about it the pregnancy is not terrible.

The Hungarian miracle

Cold Unicum with a teaspoon. Multiple times a day. I hope I was born on time!
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