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The blood mother may not be able to deliver the fetus, despite the fact that she produces healthy egg cells for fertility.

In some cases, pregnancy may be concealed, but it may not be possible for the baby to develop, or be able to give birth to the baby. In this case, it is possible for a healthy woman with close relatives to become pregnant to carry the baby. Nursery material can be purchased by someone who has been twenty-two years old, has not turned forty, and has at least one parent. In this case, all parties concerned must make a statement of their intention to intervene. If the maid is a housewife, the male must also make a statement. Maternity delivery cannot be accepted by the nurse, or parents born in the blood cannot offer financial consideration. It is also forbidden to promote or promote maternity care. The law has not yet been accompanied by an implementation instruction, so in practice it is not possible to enroll a nurse.


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