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The process of birth

The process of birth

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Anybody else, even if no one and nothing interferes in the process. Don't think everyone has the same scrapbook.

The introductory section

Called the Latency Phase, when both the body and the soul work on birth preparation, almost everything goes unnoticed. There are some whiffs, but they are irregular, not too strong. The cervix becomes short and the cavity slowly softens.
As the doll sees: The mother lives her normal life, nothing stops her. It seems to the environment that it will be exposed to a "phlegm crack", a feeding flare. The trained dummy will definitely suspect you.

The period of action

The cervix must extend out and then disappear to allow the fetus to pass. The blemishes will slowly become more frequent and more frequent. The artificiality of the cushion gradually reaches ten centimeters, and is finally so large that it disappears both on the finger of the test and on the baby.As the doll sees: Diarrhea, or at least loosened stools, is common. At the beginning of the agitation period, the conscious behavior of the mother is very strong, what we call one another: "the social phase": the visitor is comfortable with space, polite. But if you pay more attention, you may feel that physical traits are inwardly calling, and in fact, to hell, you are calling for decent conversation. Those who are born in a hospital usually start out at this time. Traveling, the new environment can slow down the birthing process: collapses will be less frequent or may stop for a while. It is best for the mother to take time, leave alone, or with the couple alone, so as to avoid childbirth-accelerating interventions (infusion, skin rupture). Transient mood swings, nausea, sensation-shifting, shaking can power you for a short period of time. When symptoms disappear, there is a deeper onset of sleep, which lasts for about twenty seconds. In this case, you want to be pampered, massaged, musculature balancing. Usually he expresses himself only with a single gesture, word, sentence, and no courtesy. He will soon reject the bellying of muscular balancing underneath - this is a sure sign that the lunar body has disappeared, since the compress only relieves the pain of going astray. For the experienced doll, the appropriate length of the red ribbon that has appeared between the jaws already indicates that it is free in front of the baby.

The degree program

The pregnant mother feels an irresistible pressure. The fetal head descends into the vagina, gradually turning to tighten inside the barrier. Muscle plates of the goiter temporarily open, the goiter is inclined and the vaginal inlet expands. The forehead, the nose, the face, and the head are extended. Another blurring effect causes the two shoulders to appear, and then the whole body disappears. The baby has arrived.As the doll sees: it is not uncommon for the congestion to disappear temporarily before the delivery period - one of the most difficult tasks for women is to release the baby from the safe mother. Many people realize that the child will always be here from now on, or who knows what's going on there. If your baby, mom, is good too, you can look forward to the slider. The appearance of the push-up section, in addition to the superb, distinctive tones and, of course, the irresistible touch of the goose skin on the back. If the pregnant mother had goose bodysuit all over her body, she would disappear and be visible only on the fur.

The majors

After the birth of the fetus, the placenta also comes to light. If the mother starts breastfeeding, this process is easier to play. The doll examines whether or not there is a piece of butter in the womb. This would cause severe, dangerous bleeding.

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