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OGTT - You Need to Know This About Your Blood Glucose Test

OGTT - You Need to Know This About Your Blood Glucose Test

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All mothers are required to attend the OGTT examination, as pregnancy can lead to type 2 diabetes. When you are ready for the exam, there are a few things you should be aware of - read our article on these.

OGTT - You Need to Know This About Your Blood Glucose Test

What is OGTT?

The OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test), also known as the Blood Glucose Tolerance Test, also helps to prevent diabetes, insulin resistance, and cancer. This is because diabetes also tends to cause diabetes, as it may cause disturbances in carbohydrate metabolism due to altered hormone function if the pancreas is unable to cope with the increased insulin requirement.

When is the Sugar Test for Heavy?

The OGTT is usually at 24-28. week, the referral may be made by the gynecologist or home doctor. If your pregnant mother has diabetes mellitus in her family - several close relatives of the baby are struggling with the disease, or if there are other predisposing factors for diabetes, the doctor may order you earlier.

How is the OGTT examination conducted?

The loaded glucose test is a smooth one vйrvйtellel starts with breakfast on an empty stomach - in this case, it is advisable to eat nothing at least 10-12 hours before the blood so that it does not affect the values. After the first taxi one you need to drink sugar solutioncontaining 75 grams of glucose - dissolved in about 3 dl of liquid. To avoid being so sweet, if you bring a lemon with you, you are allowed to sip it before you drink it.The OGTT exam concludes with another coloring: 2 hours after you consume the sugar solution. You need to spend 2 hours at rest, sitting still, and during this time you cannot take any liquid or food - because moving, eating or drinking can affect the outcome. Prepare for the OGTT exam by taking a bottle of water and at least a sandwich, so don't go out of your way to the restaurant and you will be sick!

What does the OGTT show?

If your blood sugar is below 6 mmol / l at the first blood test and below 7.8 mmol / l after the stress test, you will not be pregnant with diabetes mellitus. If values ​​are between 6-7 mmol / l before the OGTT and between 7.9-11 mmol / l after the OGTT, insulin resistance is assumed and if the first color is 7 mmol / l, the second color is 11 mmol / l. l, the result of the OGTT is a gestational diabetes test. If you are pregnant with diabetes, you should definitely consult your doctor and a dietician as you will need to take a personalized diet for both your small and your own health.


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