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Habrombo is a mother who is having trouble breastfeeding

Habrombo is a mother who is having trouble breastfeeding

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Every third mother experiences a problem with breastfeeding, most of them complaining that too little milk comes from a recent home survey.

Habrombo is a mother who is having trouble breastfeeding

Although physical problems with breastfeeding are statistically common, affected mothers often have social problems. with expectations and guilt they also struggle if they cannot breastfeed properly. However, the most important thing is that the baby is healthy: if breastfeeding cannot be guaranteed, the supplemental method should be used for the healthy development of the baby. The environment, they dare to use formula, and start feeding sooner or go for cow's milk. However, cows' milk can be extremely dangerous for babies before the age of 1, as their digestive systems are still not well-developed. The first 1000 days of life megfelelх tбplбlбsa kulcsfontossбgъ, akбr milk, akбr tбpszerrel tцrtйnik not only in childhood, but szбmos felnхttkori nйpbetegsйg kialakulбsбnak the kockбzatбt also csцkkenti.A 0-6 hуnapos csecsemхt szoptatу йdesanyбk tцbb than half a kьzd nehйzsйggel the szoptatбs sorбn the problйma and every third anyukбnбl kйsхbb Most people complain about too little breast milk, but also common problems with inflammation of the breast, dilated or inverted nipples, and poor milk production. Breastfeeding also makes it difficult for affected mothers to cope with social contempt.There may be a number of reasons if a mother can't breastfeed: Eating poorly, inadequate fluid intake, or initial natural concerns can be easily helped, but serious illnesses, post-partum depression or increased weight loss, despite all efforts of the mother, breastfeeding may fail. As the baby's development and health are always the most important consideration, they need to introduce nutritional nutrition. "- he called attention Dr. Polgбr Marianne, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Executive Member of the Hungarian Pediatric Gastroenterology Society.

Adequate Infant Nutrition Provides Foundation for Adolescent Health

Until the age of five, breast milk is most perfect - and, ideally, the exclusive diets for the baby. However, it is also important to emphasize that in any case the baby's health keep in mind: if the mother is unable to breastfeed for any reason or the milk is inadequate, then a supplementary method should be used. "Modern and well-developed nutritional supplements do not replace breast milk, but suitable alternatives pose. Unlike cow's milk, they do not burden the baby's body and contain all the important vitamins and minerals needed for small development in accordance with effective regulations. And age-appropriate nutrition is essential: the environmental impact of the first 1000 days of life, not only does it determine the health of childhood, but in the prevention of adulthood diseases it also plays a key role, such as diabetes, obesity, or cardiovascular disease. " Dr. Altarja Peter, home pediatrician, board member of the Home Pediatricians Association.

Because of the beliefs of parents, many people dare to use formula, putting their health at risk

Up to three-quarters of the babies in their country receive about one-quarter of their babies nutrition in their country1, and to this day, there is a lot of misconception about dietary nutrition. This greatly contributes to the fact that mothers who are breastfeeding often do not dare to seek help, and inadequate breastfeeding can lead to the baby becoming hungry and not developing properly. much betteras an early diet, as the composition of the formula is maximally adapted to the needs of the infant. Properly selected nutrition should not cause stomach upset or bloating, even if the baby is sensitive to milk sugar in breast milk, because there is a diet that has a higher lactose content in breast milk. " try to replace nutrition or cow's milk with breast milk, even though the baby's immature digestive system cannot process it even in wet form. do not give cow's milk the baby may need nutrition if the amount of breast milk is insufficient. "- he called attention Erdélyi-Sipos Alnz, the General Secretary of the Hungarian Dietetic Association. - he added. "One of the most important defenses in the body, bйlflуra, whose development is most effectively supported by immune-rich breast milk. Contrary to parental beliefs, however, the nutritional value of formula-fed babies is not lower than that of breast-fed counterparts, and there is no difference in intelligence according to surveys. "- emphasized Dr. Marianne Polgár, pediatric gastroenterologist." Modern formulas developed by experts not lead to obstructionbecause they do not contain more different substances or nutrients than are necessary for the development of the baby's age, "the specialist added.
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