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Can't you sleep? Your phone can help!

Can't you sleep? Your phone can help!

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All children have unhealthy periods in their lives, but shifts in nights are not necessarily required.

An American daddy is especially keen on his poor sleeping twins because an app designed for their mobile can be downloaded, that is to say, with the help of the app, all the family is now in comfortable financial security. The big idea for a computer-working, thirty-three-year-old daddy came out of his head when a terrible bad night woke up to the sounds that specifically inflicted on babies. At first, he just wanted to make his life easier by finding the world's bleakest sound, but soon enough, he made millions of "white noise" he developed. And not only for him - but for everything he wants to sleep. Those who you think give anything to fall asleep. And they are willing to try all the cool things - singing, rocking, driving and yes, even when they look at their smartphone, they can come up with some really brilliant solution.
However, the solution can sometimes be quite shockingly strange. Because in this case, everyone else comes in. “My girlfriend's favorite voice is the roar of the waves. No wonder there is something finally calming in the sea. But my favorite is the sound of raindrops on your car's hood. If I can't sleep, I just push my cellphone, and in a matter of ten minutes I have guaranteed to die - explains it.
During the research, he tested more than 150 voices and selected the most effective ones. The White Noise Ambience program offers sounds such as whooping whistle, steam locomotive rumble, rainstorm storm, whooping whooping, dusting, restaurant rattling and rumbling. Even though downloading the iPhone app costs only $ 600, as millions of cool parents around the world are looking for a solution, the father earns $ 2 million a month and has made more than $ 20 million last year. Which is not really bad consolation for a little rested overnight replacement.
Of course, parents do not just want to sleep, they also take it well when children are busy at night - after a couple of months, you won't regret not doing it with your phone. No wonder there are plenty of apps for moms and babies!

Top Five iPhone App:

1. Baby Tracker The most important evidence of a baby's good health is the amount of dirty diapers. But who can keep this in mind? This handy little program not only keeps track of diapers, but also lets you track the exact color spectrum of your crop with the help of the color you choose.
2. Potty Predictor In the potty predictor you just have to enter when and how much the child drank and ate and when was the last time they were on the toilet. This information actually tells you when to take it out to the bathroom and put it down at the party to prevent possible accidents. Get used to gold for room cleanliness!
3. SmackTalk Does the little one talk, and would you mind leaving it for a few minutes? This program repeats everything they are told, just in a funny, altered voice. The little ones pray.
4. Penguin Whacker Penguins appear on different parts of the screen, all you need to do is touch one finger. It can be played from a very young age.
5. Freshwater Aquarium There is something soothing in the fish that even the little ones love. This app turns your screen into an aquarium, observes nineteen fish behaviors and can be fed. And best of all, the fish are quiet!

The Top Five Android App:

Best Android app for Android:
1. TappyTaps Do you suddenly need a baby monitor? No need to rush to the store to download this app, which will immediately call the number you enter as soon as the small one pops up.
2. Sound Touch Even the longest on the fly, this app gives you plenty of fun with the ability to listen to 360 animals and the sound of your kids.
3. SteamyWindow Who wouldn't want to draw on a humid window? If you download this app, you can just flip it on the screen and you can draw on it. Really losing it!
4.Trinkle A true electronic xylophone that emits a different sound when pressed, pressed when stroked, and renders music with a variety of lights.
5. Baby balloons Swirling balloons on the screen that can be caught, fired and popped!