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The last 100 million were referred to by one person as Zentee

The last 100 million were referred to by one person as Zentee

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We also reported that Sentin, who is suffering from another year of spinal cord dementia (SMA), needed $ 700 million to treat. The mother told me in a row that a man had given her the last 100 million forints.

One person gave $ 100 million (photo: Facebook)In less than a week, we managed to collect the 700 million forints needed to treat myocardial infarction in Senta, a patient with other annual spinal cord disease (SMA). His mother, Sebestyin Balzzsek, said in a show that one person had donated the last 100 million forints. Who this player doesn't know is because he doesn't want his name to be made public. One is the bare-eyed Zoltan Maga, who really moved Sentry with every stone, and the other generous gift was Lincoln and his family. Thank you for being among the thousands of people of Yugoslavia who have succeeded and have succeeded in working together! - Worth the parents' post.