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6 Weapons of Wonders against Lice

6 Weapons of Wonders against Lice

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Save the link, it will be good once again, because unfortunately the lice do not save their victims. You can go in line, too! And it is much harder to get rid of these insistent little ones than to pick them up.


I need your good tool!

Whether you have a lice in the family or not, a good little litter will definitely benefit. It helps one person in the inspection and regular inspection of the heads of family members (you do well to take a look at the kids in every hair wash), and also helps you find the lice, the lice. This is, for example, an outdated piece, but it also comes with some items.

Electric auntytirtу

Get on with the technique!
This crafty little cookie will come in handy if you swear by modern techniques instead of ancient methods. Try out the electric killer!
If you want to complain
Then you need to find your friends. You can talk about where your aunts came from, how difficult it was to get rid of it, what agents you tried and how much success you had. Internet forums offer a great opportunity for all this. Just try it out, we have these tops, you just need to wake up!
If it doesn't work, open a topic yourself!
Here's a little collection page to start with.
Not only do the lovers love the Hungarians, they are prosperous all over the world. Therefore, if you are able to browse foreign sites in English, it is useful to have some very useful practical information.
And who's taking it off my head?
You are right to ask this single parent who has picked the lice from the seedling, or even the mother who conscientiously finishes her sweetheart, but will appreciate her It's also possible that your bike has finally gotten into a fight, because some of its bumps here and there still outnumber your battleships, so you can't get rid of it for a long time.

The Zoology Ltd. salon

In this case, a discreet service that pays off is a serious excuse (anyone knows what it costs… how much has it spent on stinging drugs so far?). They also do the job for you with a guarantee. Experts from the National Office of the Chief Medical Officer, the National Center for Epidemiology, have recently tested and found adequate treatment efficacy.
What do you choose?
The spectrum is wide enough. A good portion of the lice mites contain insecticides and, in fact, mark the animal. The problem is, more and more, we are taking lice that don't even have pyrethrin, permethrin (which is the most common and most effective remedy), because they have been very resistant to it.
Gene mutations are also found to be a chemical-free antifungal agent, killing small mites by colorless, odorless, physical means.
The lice, which contain couscous and anise oil, are used to clean and choke the lice.
You can try the power of herbs, and you will definitely want lavender.