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GYES 2019: these are the most important things to know

GYES 2019: these are the most important things to know

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What is the amount of GYES in 2019, who is eligible for support and how can it be claimed? We have collected the most useful information.

GYES 2019: these are the most important things to know

Who is eligible for GYES?

Anyone living with a child in a household with a child can benefit from childcare, so the father may be eligible for support in addition to the mother. Apart from them, the foster child - with the exception of the child protection guardian and the foster parent assigned solely for the purpose of certain guardianship tasks - and the adoptive parent can also claim the child. The latter is also entitled to childcare for up to six months from the date of placement prior to the adoption of the child if the child is over the age of 3 years, a minor parent with a child in the household also has a child if the child has not been assigned a child or if he or she does not live with the child assigned to the child. If they live in the same household as the guardian, the grandparent may also be entitled to the child. performance is taken into account, as in the case of parents. Нgy can take the igйnybe nagyszьlх the ellбtбst if the child betцltцtte the elsх йletйvйt, nevelйse the szьlх hбztartбsбban tцrtйnik, йs child szьlei gyermekgondozбst to resign segнtх ellбtбsrуl нrбsban, йs the maternity nagyszьlх rйszйrхl tцrtйnх igйnylйsйvel egyetйrtenek.Tovбbbб important kikцtйs the ellбtбs igйnylйsйnйl, that there are no other children in the parent's household with respect to childcare and that the grandparent, who needs support, does not work at home more than 30 times a week after 3 years.

In this case, the parent is not good for the child

In some cases, parents are not well-suited to childbirth - this may be the case if the child is placed in an institution providing younger-than-a-year care and a day care allowance if the if you take part in regular social cash benefits, the parent loses any entitlement to child support in the event of the child's death. Parents may no longer be entitled to child support for a child who has been temporarily placed under the law of the child, has been temporarily or in full-time education, or has been placed in a social institution for more than 30 days.

How many GYES can you count?

The monthly amount of GYES for a child is equal to the lowest amount of the old age pension, which is currently 28,500 HUF, and for one calendar day the thirty percent of the monthly amount is already a fraction of a month. The minimum of 200% of the pension is equal to the amount of childbirth for twins, 300% for triplets, 400% for females, 500% for females and 600% for six twins. 10% of the total amount of GYES pensioners and private pension fund members are deducted, so the benefit net amount is 25,650 HUF.

When can you expect GYES to continue?

GYES was subsequently paid to the bank or postal mail in the month following the current month. In the case of a reference to a person, it shall be continued until the 3rd day of the month following the base month, and until the 10th day of the reference to my home.

How long is GYES coming?

Until the child reaches the age of 3 parents are entitled to childbirth, even in the case of twin children up to the age of compulsory schooling, and in the case of permanently ill or severely handicapped children, until the child reaches the age of 10 years.

That's how you can claim GYES

Filling out a form called "Request a Child Care Benefit Status Form", you need a "Grandparent's Child Care Declaration" in the case of a grandparent. You may also need to attach a few or few documents, which you will find in the document, to your application. in the office If you submit your application late, your eligibility can be backdated to the first day of the second month before your application date.Related articles on Family Benefits:
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