Should we put baby photos on the Internet?

Should we put baby photos on the Internet?

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In our series of autopsies, we asked you about how you treat public pages, and whether to test pictures of the little ones.


I am against voting for the image and the possibility of malicious people appearing. I don't even put anything on the kids, except for a picture where we're both back. I've had to ask my friends twice before to take photos of my kids from their Facebook page. I know this is natural for many people, but without asking my speciel, I wouldn't ask anyone for a picture, especially a kid. I wouldn't open a Facebook page for a kid. Unfortunately, you can hear children's stories every day, who knows when, when it comes to using a picture of children online. In addition, I also consider personal rights important.
She's the mom of two little kids

Photo: Europress


There are a lot of people I like and I want them to see the photos too (they often ask me because there is no new picture) so I don't want to edit a page because of time constraints. I haven't heard of it yet, but I wanted to see it in foreign news and movies. I just love my baby's little smiles, grimaces, and of course I'm very proud of them, and I want to share this sentiment with others (loved ones, friends). But there are personal rights, of course. Bar, I don't think Facebook will be there in fifteen years, or who knows what it will be in fifteen years. It could be much rougher. But I don't think it's worth it.
Enik, the mother of a 28-month-old boy


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