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Pregnancy: What happens between the 28th and 37th week of pregnancy?

The last trimester begins. The fetus is becoming more open-ended when it grows and grows.

A 36 weeks pregnant motherAt week 28, the weight of the fetus was about. 1000 grams. It greatly multiplies the weight until birth. The body's fat will help to maintain the body's temperature even after the uterus. study in the womb and beyond.
His eyes are open now and he senses the light that comes through the womb. Your hearing has also developed, so feel free to talk to her, sing to her, hear it. At week 37, the fetus's skin turns pink and soft. It looks much more like a baby. Approx. It weighs 28 grams and weighs about 2800 grams. Once the term has been completed, if you were born now, they are not considered premature. Usually, you will stay head over heels in your pool area and be ready to welcome the world.
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