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That's why it's worth taking care of your nose

That's why it's worth taking care of your nose

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As the nasal cavity swells, the nasal passages are swollen and the inflammatory process spreads to them. Vocational education, if not eliminated, can lead to re-infection.

November is the month of the colds, when the number of people with tired, coughing, noses rises. Because the nose plays a decisive role in our lives, when we do not breathe properly, our entire body can be badly affected. It is important to take care of this sensory organ as it plays an important role not only in breathing, but also in the elimination of allergies, dust and other pollutants, as well as in the recognition of odors.

Freezing can cause you to go out for a good few days

Autumn is a particularly dangerous time, because in sunny weather we get bolder on warm clothes and the temperature can be below 10 degrees. According to a large-scale study conducted last year by Wick Pharma GmbH involving 15 countries, one third of Hungarians suffer most in November, January and February, and 90 percent more often than so. However, for a number of reasons, this can have a detrimental effect on our health.

Clean, filter, warm

The first function of the nose is flare. In addition, it cleans, filters, warms up air in the airways, prevents dust and other pollutants from getting into the lower airways, and is also closely linked to sound training. In addition to the sense of smell, there is also an imperative for recognizing more complex tastes. When cold, the nose is unable to function properly, which can lead to more serious problems.

It has a central role

The nose occupies a central position in the skull, closely connected to the forehead with the facial region, and with the fibrous system between the eyes and the midline. However, as a result of nasal congestion and nasal congestion, dullness, and deconcentration, untreated symptoms may serve as the basis for severe events.

This happens when it is frozen

"Megfбzбskor the orrnyбlkahбrtya swells ezйrt szellхzйse csцkken, rбjuk the gyulladбsos process бtterjed the orrmellйkьregek. The nyбlkahбrtya duzzanatбhoz increased vбladйkkйpzхdйs also tбrsul what if you do not sikerьl thoroughly kitisztнtani, felьlfertхzйshez, нgy lead to йs nose orrmellйkьregek bakteriбlis gyulladбsбhoz. The tьnetek vйny nйlkьl however, drugs can be used effectively to prevent serious illnesses, "says Dr. Viktor Kovacs, head physiologist.

The consequences can be prevented

"The felsх lйgъti tracheitis tцbbsйge vнrusos eredetы, йs vбladйkoldуkkal, inhalбlбssal, orrtisztнtбssal elejйt can take the sъlyosabb, bakteriбlis fertхzйseknek hatйkonyan tartalmazу Pйldбul eucalyptus also nasal spray csцkkenthetх the orrьregi nyбlkahбrtya swelling йs the vбladйkkйpzхdйs." - бrulta the specialist who tanбcsolja If symptoms do not disappear or become severe within 7 to 10 days, even if you have experienced headache or forehead pain, ulcers, fever, it is worth consulting a doctor.

You freak out in a minute

Our brains are capable of distinguishing 50,000 odors and our nose plays a huge role in this. At the same time, there is only one minute and you will not notice the smells, except when the scent intensifies. What can make your nose up to the sacrament, and if it does, the sacrament can reach 160 km / h and, in case of illness, can transport the bacilli to a distance of up to 10 meters.


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